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Healthy 24 y/o, Thinking of Permanent TRT


tested at ~215 in april…purchased DAA and clomid and re-tested a few weeks later in the high 400s. was happy with results, but really was blinded by short-term solution.

when i stopped taking DAA for a few days, i felt like sh*t. i realize I cant remain on DAA forever, and I want to check out injections.

My concerns:
-Fertility: in the future i look to have children. Solution…deposit at sperm bank JUST IN CASE?

-Doctor may not allow. She didnt even want to perscribe pills, which do nothing from what I’ve heard. What is my course of action here? (Endrocrinologist)

Any other advice here? I just want to feel normal and have a healthy, consistent sex life. Whereas this isn’t even my main problem, my emotions are screwy and I dabble with depression for sure.

Why can you stay on TRT forever, but not on DAA forever?

You need to read the stickeys and educate yourself on the proper protocols and bloodwork that you need, as well as information on your symptoms.

i knew i was going to get that response… ive read through many of them. basically from what i gathered, DAA is much more uncertain than injections, and is an indirect way to increase test. TRT itself explicity goes after test, is administered by a doctor, and is widely used for hormonal therapy

does this make sense? from a high-level perspective, of course.

at 24 I would be looking at all options before resorting to life long trt.

If DAA can get the job done then why not use it until it stops working if you end up needing to use it.

You might be able to fix your situation without life long use of anything.

You really have not posted any great deal of blood work to think about life long trt.

Up to you how you play your cards at the end of day.

I would be willing to bet a million bucks that if the guys on here could get the same result from mixing some DAA with water and drinking it as opposed to injecting test weekly all of them would be throwing away their syringes.

For me TRT vs anything else comes down to long term ability to follow the protocol and do I feel good at the level it was able to get me to?

If you felt really good at 400 then I’d stay the course with DAA. If 400 was an improvement but you still didn’t feel great then I’d be looking more at TRT. Personally, I felt better at 500 than 150 but still not great at 500. The best clomid could do for me was 500 and it wasn’t good enough…that decision (how much of a rise is needed to feel how you want to feel) is highly personal.

hmmm…interesting. i appreciate the content of your posts.

i just feel like DAA is much more uncertain long term than injections- ive seen lots of controversy regarding it. and since it should be taken in cycles, the off periods are a pain in the a$$…

i called my endocr. and ordered lab results; gonna go in thursday for blood work and work from there. im not going to take DAA until to see how my levels are modified cold turkey (stopped taking DAA after friday)

ill be able to post my full bloodwork details after that, maybe you guys can be filled in more.

sound like a better plan than jumping to conclusions?

also, in terms of sexual health, since ill be cold turkey on ANY sort of supplement, should I ingest more caffeine and have some ED pills just in case? like i said, im not sure how my body will react over the next few days and in the event i become more depressed/sluggish/sexually inadequete id like to be prepared.