Healthiest Stack Advice?

I didn’t read all of these, but aside from fertility, high trt for a while does wonders. I’ve done some blasts (mild ones, test and one test with anavar), too. I look better now imo. I’m questioning doing more blasts, kinda cause it doesn’t seem worth it. Probably will see what another blast will do though.

that’s dedication

staying here for the next 18-24 months

I support you 100% as long as you fully accept the risk/reward.


Sad part is that many don’t truly understand the risk and their reaction to it until it happens. Always sounds good to say I accept the risk/reward, but until you go through a major health event you don’t really understand it.

I know exactly what you’re saying. I thought I was immortal until I became 27 years old. Nevertheless, if you have the knowledge, though you are “immortal”, it is ultimately your choice. Don’t come complaining to me about the seed you planted is now come harvest time.


So to give an update,
I finally decided on a stack, thanks for all the advice and opinions!

I bought a blood pressure monitor today, supplements and face care products for on cycle.
After reading more, I realized that the main cause of enlarged prostate is simply DHT. Thus I cut out every DHT derivative (which also makes baldness). Even though proviron supposedly raises free test levels by 440%, it is a DHT derivative and thus bad for the prostate, so it has left my stack.

So Nandrolone doesn’t convert to DHT. It is good for joints too. It also causes low lebido but that can be fixed which an androgenic steroid, because Nandrolone is more anabolic than androgenic.
Test enanthate will give some androgens in the stack to counter deca dick, but hopefully not too much as it has made get a little bit too aggressive and unpredictable in the past. My unproven guess is that androgenic steroids cause the ‘roid rage’ rather than more anabolic steroids. It seems to make sense that lack of libido also correlates with lack of aggression. Please share your opinion on that??

Nandrolone aromatizes heavily so Arimidex is essential in the stack. I hope the Arimidex will suffice to counter the progestogenic effects and prolactin, as well as aromatization of test to estrogen. Of course the side I am looking to avoid is any gyno.
The other side effect of Nandrolone would be high blood pressure. That’s why I bought a BP monitor and have tested it.

So this forum is called ‘Healthiest stack advice?’

So I will test this stack with Deca, Test e, Arimidex
The goal was to find a stack which gives the most gains while having the least long term health consequences.

This is the stack I will try. Nandrolone because it is more anabolic than test, with no DHT conversion. This means the prostate will be happier. Nandrolone is also relatively less hepatoxic, although I have never tested it personally. Nandrolone also increase free testosterone levels. It also has the added benefit of ‘good for joints’.

My blood pressure will be monitored, and if it gets too high, the dose will be lowered.

I ordered MassBoll.
It is 300mg/ml Test e plus 200mg/ml Deca Durabolin so total 500mg/ml.
I will do 375mg/week total of MassBoll. So it’s ratio is 40% Deca 60% Test enanthate.
I will do 12 weeks and the last week I’ll do only Test enanthate.
PCT Nolva 20mg ED and Arimidex 0.25mg ED

Thanks for sharing experience with me (beginner dude)
Thanks especially to lordgains

I doubt this. It drives down SHBG, which will allow more of your Test to become free Test, but also when SHBG goes down, clearance rates go up. I would believe for most they see Free T go up, but not 440%.

It will mask joint pain, but I don’t think it is overall much of a positive on the joints long term.

For some, yes. For others, no.

About 1/5th the rate of Test. I would classify it as low.

Doesn’t do this. Only works on E2. You can get P5P over the counter for prolactin related sides if you are running lowish amount of Nandralone. It is easier to manage than caber, as it is self limiting, where caber is not, and you could crash prolactin with caber.

This one is gonna hurt almost for sure due to the high concentration.

Skip the AI for the PCT unless you need it (also, that is a lot of AI for the Test dose, and you may crash your E2 on cycle if you are using that much). Detail out how you are going to PCT. How long your wait after the cycle, how long you run it.


is this your first cycle?

I don’t care if you use nandrolone, but the fact that you keep touting nandrolone as safe tells me you never did any research or reading on the cardiovascular and neurological damage it can cause, which I have mentioned once or twice in this thread, as have others. Nandrolone isn’t considered safe (but less unsafe than other stuff like tren) but for some reason you seem to think it is.

I don’t care what you put in your body, but let’s not mislead yourself or others into believing nandrolone is safe.

I use nandrolone, but I’m fully aware of the potential long term health risks at which I’m putting myself in


Did not mean to mislead anyone. Nothing on this forum is safe, and I never said it was. I haven’t tested any nandrolone, only read wikipedia mostly which is publicly edited so not reliable.
I did take note what you said. That’s why I bought a blood pressure monitor today.

You are right

Nandrolone aromatizes heavily
About 1/5th the rate of Test. I would classify it as low.

I got mixed up because it is “an endogenous intermediate in the production of estradiol from testosterone via aromatase”

This is a quote from wikipedia: ://

Nandrolone, also known as 19-nortestosterone (19-NT) or as estrenolone, as well as estra-4-en-17β-ol-3-one or 19-norandrost-4-en-17β-ol-3-one,[43] is a naturally occurring estrane (19-norandrostane) steroid and a derivative of testosterone (androst-4-en-17β-ol-3-one). It is specifically the C19 demethylated (nor) analogue of testosterone.Nandrolone is an endogenous intermediate in the production of estradiol from testosterone via aromatase in mammals including humans and is present in the body naturally in trace amounts.

You can get P5P over the counter for prolactin related sides

Thank you I will do this.

This one is gonna hurt almost for sure due to the high concentration.

I was going for less overall injection volume to try and minimize pain…

Skip the AI for the PCT unless you need it (also, that is a lot of AI for the Test dose, and you may crash your E2 on cycle if you are using that much)

I do need it on cycle to prevent gyno (I have tested it). I have also crashed E2 by mistake the first time and it sucked, really dropped the serotonin levels. For PCT, I would keep the same dose because Nolva blocks some effectiveness of Arimidex anyway.

Detail out how you are going to PCT. How long your wait after the cycle, how long you run it.

One week only Test e (No Deca)
One week only Arimidex 0.25mg EOD
2 weeks PCT:
20mg Nolva ED
0.25mg Arimidex ED
ZMA supplement ED
DAA supplement ED

Ever considered the search function on here?

Spend an hour and see what you find. I know it takes effort and more work than 15 min on wikipedia.

Hint: what do you get if you type nandrolone on here and search?


I said there shall be both and I hope it will, but your plan is not well thought out.

Nandrolone is a no go for me. I would not use it. I don’t consider it safe in any way. There’s worse yes, but I would not touch that either.

Prolactin and estradiol are two completely different hormones. AIs won’t do anything to control prolactin. @mnben87 has given the advice you need here.

The erection problems on nandrolone DO NOT stem from it being more anabolic. Nandrolone has very strong CNS altering effects which can decrease libido permanently. At least for years if you get unlucky.

Nandrolone also only temporarily betters the feeling of your joints, when you stop, they revert back. You gain nothing by that. Taking nandrolone for joint health is in my opinion a very outdated justification for use of this compound.

I think you should stay away from nandrolone altogether. Take test, throw in an oral and call it a cycle. You would be way better off than trying this.



Pct and nandrolone do not belong in the same person’s plan. Metabolites stick around for 18 months. It’s one of two steroids that are almost exclusively for the blast and cruise members of the tribe.


I did read your topic now. Thanks very much. Awesome to know that people are willing to share and help others. You probably saved my heart and health.

I am studying a mathematics degree. And now I am giving time to learn more about TRT. Salute to those who take the time for diligent research.
Especially interesting about the neurological effects. Psychiatrists and hormone doctors should really be one and the same imo.
Ask the average psychiatrist about anything hormone related they will look at you crazy.

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@readalot @unreal24278 @mnben87 @RT_Nomad @lordgains
I appreciate the knowledge, experience sharing, and time taken to research.
I wonder if there is a special research team? I would like to help with the time.
I find that many hands make light work when it comes to research.
Teamwork is fantastic because work can be divided into different areas, for example proving or disproving a hypothesis or getting further information on specific topics.
Let me know if there’s anything I can help with in a research group for example.

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Test and deca is a typical blast, nothing “healthier” there, yo…

Where did you get this idea? Guys use Nandrolone because it doesn’t aromatize nearly as much as test does. Am I wrong on this?

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Never did anything besides TRT dosages of Test and recently GH up to 2 iu/day.

That said I did a lot of research and am very close to running a first TRT+ protocol, and my ideal would be Test + Primo in a 1:1 ratio assuming I can find legit Primo.

Primo is the consensus safest steroid out there. Actually lowers E2 and is basically free of side effects up to very large dosages.