Healthiest Stack Advice?

coming from a guy who was on tren for 2 years … i’m not hearing anything you say pal.

you’re very ignorant on most topics of gear.

my experiences are a bit irrelevant to the topic, so this just makes you look stupid…

says someone who suggests substituting porhub with a mix of oral and injectable steroids for a bit harder pee pee… myea… ok.

no tren for two years makes you look stupid, and for you to give anyone advice on anything is hilarious !! Also you are the one who said watch porn hub …why don’t you look up the negative affects of watching too much porn. Provi and masteron are great add on to cycles pal, do some research and of course you prob didn’t feel anything from them you’ve been overdosing and abusing steroids for years …lol

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You seem very very butthurt about how i do my cycles, which i find weird.
First of all - THIS topic is about a guy looking for healthier cycle, so its not about me nor tren, right?
Second - you know about me and tren because i told what i have taken. Thats the difference between me and you - i am transparent. Everyone knows what i have done, everyone has seen my pictures, and when i speak about drugs i only say what i have done and what i gained or didnt gain from it.

You, on the other hand are just a lurking troll with no face, no identity. You havent done any of the drugs you speak of, and you want a person to use them, even tho you cant provide a single picture of your amazing body on masteron, even tho you suggest it to someone.

You can only try to bash me because i am honest and i dont hide nor my face, nor results nor my identity. If there was a way to actually unravel your identity, face, body, and choices you have made in your life along with your mistakes, i am sure you wouldnt even comment on this forum at all. Think about that, keyboard warrior :slight_smile:


It would be better to give some advice or a better solution if you have one than just trying to discredit him. I didn’t see anything wrong with his advice in the post.

Just read further up and I didn’t see anything wrong with your post either @150mgaweek. Must’ve missed that. You are definitely right that most people experience these benefits and since we are doing trial and error anyways…

Still, I think the advice given to take less compounds and less mg is correct here.

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This is a very disarming accusation. It was once targeted to me a few months ago. I had no way to prove anything about myself. For all anyone truly could know was that I was a person behind a keyboard. I could post contest pictures, but how could you know they were me, or just pics I found. I could give you my name and you could look me up on, but how would you know I didn’t just pick a name of a person I knew was recorded in their data file.

This digital age is very frustrating to an old man. I am little more than an old man behind a keyboard. Now, I am truly a “has been”, but I relish what I did accomplish.


No worries mate! As I told another dude on here, we are all AI chat bots on here debating the finer points of AAS pharmacology. Embrace the matrix!

Except for @hankthetank89. He is one chatbot who has broken through uncanny valley:

Hypothesized emotional response of subjects is plotted against anthropomorphism of a robot, following Masahiro Mori’s statements. The uncanny valley is the region of negative emotional response towards robots that seem “almost” human. Movement amplifies the emotional response.[1]

Keep it up hank. You are killing it my brother.

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No reason to know about me … i do know that i know more about gear than you just be reading a lot of your posts and have done every drug i have ever posted about or discussed and ive done them in a safe manner unlike you. Let us know how your health is in 7-10 years !! I just hope most do not listen to anything you say because its all terrible advice

BTW, we’ve come full circle here…

This was pretty good advice here by Hank in terms of do minimum harm…he recommended Danny’s “TRT” regimen!

@lordgains please protect the OP from harm and bless his gainz in your holy name. Amen.

@dbossa, can you have one of your associates post on here and let us know if you starting protocol is now down to 125 mg/week to start? Curious.

How about you @yeti308, where you guys at now in the office for avg starting TRT dose per week. Didn’t Scott move on?

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There shall be gainz and there shall be health.


I’ve wasted so much time going back to figure out who you are so I could look at pictures.


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But maybe not at the same time…

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Sorry, it wasn’t my intention to make this about me.

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Hallelujah Amen! :::
There shall be gainz AND Health! I believe it!

by the way, maybe I obsessed over Nandrolone because of Wikipedia. You would think they are selling the stuff, except for heart health on that one. I am buying a BP monitor incase I do a deca cycle.


I’ll use a baseball analogy. For any controversial subject discussed, I have found that best starting place is to define the foul lines. For an AAS’s subject: The right field foul line is the most conservative (or safest) position and the left field foul line is most liberal (or dangerous) position. [Please don’t assume politics with the foul lines in this subject.]

The right field foul line might be taking no more TRT testosterone than the lowest amount for optimal testosterone levels (and no anabolics).

The left field foul line is taken from The Goldman Dilemma, where the person agrees to take AAS’s knowing full well that their life will end very much quicker than average.

Some on here are playing right field very close to the right field foul line. Most of us would believe that Hank is playing in left field. But the vast majority of T Nation members in the Pharma forum are playing centerfield, some right-center and some left-center. There is nothing wrong with whatever position you want to play, if you acknowledge the risk-benefit.

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He was suspended for being overly dogmatic and downright belligerent (although he did help expose physiologik for the huckster that he was…). He had some good information, but his interactions were very combative and he was incredibly stubborn.

It wasnt targeted towards you, actually, since you never said “i am this and that”. Someone else said “he is this and that” and i said that i dont know that, so i will not take that into consideration at that time.
After that you cleared everything up and its all good.

I have no problem with people who just talk theory or have different opinions also. What i do have problem with is people bashing me because of my honesty, and trying to look better just because they havent been honest one bit. I just say how it is, he just hides all the mistakes of his life and the fact he hasnt gained a single lbs of muscle and he kinda looks smarter? Thats ridiculous.

In all my life, i have noticed 1 thing… the best fighters never start a fight and in some cases they even take a punch and back down. And very simmilar - the best bodybuilders and powerlifters dont actually jump in anyones face saying : “i know this and that”. They usually have : “do whatever you want” attitude, so this silly guy attacking me repeadedly on something i post on other topics, just to prove he is so smart in this topic, makes me want to bet all my money on the fact that he is just a skinny fat guy with absolutely no practical aplication to the stuff he reads and preaches.

Also, i dont even have problem with that. What i had problem with was the fact that he advices to take different steroids for reasons that are not important to the OP.

Basically - OP wants a healthier stack, so my opinion doesnt count because i took tren, but the other dudes opinion on adding extra drugs to the cycle for extra libido(no one said OP has problems with libido) is very smart.

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IMO, NEVER take ibuprofen. The pneumonic is: “MAIN” and “A”:
Motrin, Advil, Ibuprofen, Nuprin, and Aspirin – ALL inhibit prostaglandins, which means they inhibit growth.
The short term pain you will encounter is absolutely Nothing compared to the pain you would have had years from now when you think of All the gains foregone by taking ‘MAIN’ or ‘A’.
Ice what’s sore heavily.
Realize that nothing grows without stress, and stress causes pain.
Love it / hate it / embrace it / disdain it / whatever works for you. “This pain is nothing compared to when I . . . .”
Focus on a dot on the ceiling, etc. Sooner or later you won’t care about pain - the ‘right’ type of pain.
If you absolutely “must”, then have Half a 200 mg ibuprofen tablet And chew it up, for faster
absorption i.e. greater perceived pain relief.
Hope this helps, and causes great controversy and conversational pain

At what dose?

What do you think?