Healthiest Stack Advice?

It was our opinion that Halotestin was worthless as an anabolic. Occasionally, someone would take some. No one was impressed by their results.

[Do know we had absolutely no scientific conformation for any AAS. In fact, the AMA’s position was (I will try to quote the PDR of those days) “Anabolic steroids do not enhance athletic performance.”]

Dianabol was my “go-to” AAS through three decades (but I never took more than 20mg/day for longer than 8 weeks)

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20mg all at once or 10mg twice per day?

Spread out as much as practical. So 20mg would be 4 times a day if it was practical. But at least twice a day, breakfast and dinner.

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Wouldn’t it be more effective to take the entire those an hour or so before your workout to maximize the strength increase?

My very first experience with AAS’s was Dianabol. I had a scrip for 10mg of Dianabol per day for 30 days. I started that night I got home. I noticed nothing for strength until about 10 day later. I had never tried it as a pre-workout drug.

That said, from the knowledge I had about drug half-life and analytical geometry, I took to plan a dosage administration plan to flatten the curve. I took an injectable testosterone and an injectable anabolic. I took them weekly, one on Wednesday and the other on Saturday. I spread the orals throughout the day as best was practical.

I’m not saying my method was the best, but is the way I thought was the best.


Very good thing to remember. Dr George Toul who has done a ton of gear, has many health problems. And his saying is that nothing is free, we will all pay for our vanity.

I know I’m a little late to the party but:

Sounds like you need to work on your training and diet before you try introducing more drugs. If you can’t make significant gains on your first two test cycles then you’re doing something very wrong.


I agree so much. Everyone can make gains on test. I know many people who have done huge blasts but they still do test-alone blasts from time to time and its all good and working. I believe that lack of results is either due to not enough calories or lack of correct understanding of progressive overload in the gym. Actually, you are supposed to be able make at least small progress on cruise also if its not an absolute minimal dose.

How do you feel about running low dose Primo permanently on top of real TRT Test, maybe like 5 mg/day Primo + 125 mg/week Test C? In terms of long term health consequences.

I’m thinking just a bit of Primo for lower E2, lower SHBG, some extra DHT benefits for mood / libido

Thanks. I definitely rethought everything. Yes I have trained for 6 years, just looking for the best option for lean gains and still keep good health long term. Because I have long recovery between workouts.
Now I think two choices: only Test e 350mg/week + 25mg prov ED.
change the stack doses:

test e 250mg/week
Deca 150mg/week
Mast: 100mg/week
Proviron: 25mg ED
Anavar: 5mg ED

I feel the second option would be better for mood(less aggressive, more controlled), and because of the DHT derivatives less SHGB more lean gains and getting away with less base test e in the stack. Of course it’s just speculation, I hope to see how best I respond over time.

Its good, but i dont see the point of proviron. Its not anabolic. Seems like you just throw it in there just because you want to add something, not because you need it.

what in the gods name is the point to use deca, which bloats you, and masteron, which only gives you a cosmetic effect if you are completely lean and dry??? unless you are contest ready, masteron does not do shit at all… and even if you are contest ready, deca would bloat you so you wont see anything out of masteron…
also masteron at 100mg a week wont do anything… such low dosages are just a waste of money… mast should be ran at least at 500 but people who really get something out of it go up to 1000…

same as in option 1, i dont see the point of proviron…
anavar at 5mg ED wont do shit… males use 50-100mg… anavar is a mild drug, for most people it wont even do shit at 30mg…
girls use 10-20… you wanna take 5… i dont see the point.

Why? Why would it be? Because it says so in some steroid profile info or what? No steroids have ever impacted my mood in any way. I dont get any good mood, or bad mood, or agressiveness, or libido or anything and there are at least 50% of people who also dont. You just created a stack based on 0 experience, and you just think that adding micro dose of everything will give you effects that most people dont get even when doing up to grams of stuff…

less test base means less gains… test is what builds you… swaping test for some weak ass shit that dont really do much is idiotic, because what you add is micro dosages of stuff and they wont work at all.

lean gains means you need a lean diet… steroids have nothing to do with how lean your gains will be…
you think you will add masteron and suddenly your gains will become “lean” ? nope… you can take up to a gram of mast and not see a single lean gain sign on your body.

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Where does Ment fall on this list

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Why? You’ve already got Proviron

I didn’t rank MENT because without longer term data it’s tough to place it on the list. My hunch is that it’s pretty safe, based on clinical data and reported blood work so far. But I didn’t want to just sign off on that and make it seem like it was as low risk as test or primo without better evidence to back up such a claim.

Safest stack with AAS is the one you don’t use. So if you have the money buy you some legal AA clinic supplements and keep them in the fridge.

Pull them out, take a look, and then put back in the fridge. So, so useful when you get that urge.

If it really tickles your fancy incorporate them into part of your mindfulness routine with loving kindness …

  • examine the capsules or troches, take your time and fully observe their contours, shape and colors.

  • Take out the vials, examine the luscious suspension. Observe. Has the solute crystallized or is it still fully soluble?

  • Check your HR and breathing. How do you feel?

Now package everything back up with appropriate moisture control pillow packs for the orals and thank yourself for not taking these wonderful supplements. Give yourself a big hug and live. Your cardiovascular system and mental health thanks you.

Be well.

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proviron frees up test , the more free test is what really matters not total test, also has a positive effect on libido a great add on to any cycle and it’s very low in toxicity

masteron def has a positive effect on libido and mood, also some say it has helped with controlling estro, and you do not have to go to the 500mg range at all to see these benefits.

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for some it does, for some it doesnt… for me it gives limp dick also - not being able to fuck anything up to 6 hours after taking a pill.

i did 500 and i did 800, no it didnt do shit for my libido and/or mood… nope.

EQ controls my estro, masteron doesnt.

and you can also do up to a 1000mg as NOT SEE THESE BENEFITS.

These benefits are just positive side effects, not a purpose of a drug, so for some they occur, for some - dont.
What you mentioned is not what drug is for, it is a side effect, which just happens to be a good one, instead of a bad one.
What you suggest to this beginner dude, is basically same as suggesting a dude not to go to the gym, but smash his arm in a car door, so the inflamation and bruising grows him 2 inches to biceps.
It is NOT WHAT ITS SUPPOSED TO DO. Dont suggest drugs for side effects that some may have but most people dont.
These drugs do a thing, which is specific to a drug, and why it should be taken. This dude just throws micro dosages of everything in, which wont work at all, hoping to get a few side effects that happen to some people.

When we speak of HEALTHIER STACK then abusing mast and proviron on top of deca, just to get a harder boner is IDIOTIC…
You can raise your libido by watching fucking porn, man… just wake up, watch a few clips on pronhub and voila - there is your libido up for the day… why the fuck would you suggest injecting shit and eating tablets for such a crap purpose???

Its like suggesting a guy not to drink alcohol, but take some anadrol instead, cuz it will fuck up the liver the same way… but the point was to get drunk, not to fuck up liver…

of course i have little experience, that’s why i started this question LOL.
Who doesn’t want a better body right. I’m not into comps or anything, it’s just a hobby and I would like to be better at it. So probably I have to test them each paired with test one at a time. And record the results with a friendly doctor. Pity I haven’t found one yet.

Anyway thanks, I understand people have a lot of passion about this because it’s a lifestyle choice. I guess if your heart, liver and prostate are happy, bring on the gear! (also the mind, otherwise what’s the point if you don’t feel better.?) That was the point in the first place - to feel good. Otherwise some empowering mindfulness is in order @readalot

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Everything you say is completely fine.
Its just that microdosing shit with opposite effect wont do anything for you. What you do is just make a terrible cycle, because you are total on 710mgs a week, but none of them are good because individual dosages are too low…
710mg of steroids a week is ALOT… all these micro dosed drugs wont even work, but imagine yourself on 710mg of test a week. Now that would be a friggin blast.

If we speak - health, we have to take into consideration the TOTAL amount.
I believe you will gain more on 350-500mg of test a week and you total amount of drugs will still be much less than that micro dosed cluster fuck you wrote.

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