Healthiest Stack Advice?

Hi. Would love to hear from someone with experience with this stack or very similar.
I know peeps will tell me waste of money, too expensive. That’s ok btw.

I’m looking to be dry while keeping my liver healthy as possible.
I wanted Deca for the good joint health.
I wanted Mast for the good mood. +proviron
Anavar for dryness and low dose for liver care
A bit of test e low as possible.
It would be good to hear your thoughts, it’s my 3rd cycle. I’m 25.

For 12 weeks:

Deca 400mg/week
Masteron 200mg/week
Test enanthate 200mg/week (from week 2)
Anavar 10mg ED
Proviron 25mg ED

PCT Clomid 50mg, Nolva 20mg for 1 month.

I usually get heavy pain from injections for 4-5 days so I plan to use ibuprofen if that happens, and injecting every 3 days.
Also using arimidex because i aromatize easily.


What were the first two cycles? How long ago?

Ibuprofen kills your liver like anadrol, and also fucks your gut health. If you NEED to take ibuprofen on cycle then no cycle is “more healthy” imo.

Anyways, deca is a bitch in general. Mast doesnt do shit and kills your lipids and hair(if you care).
10mg Anavar doesnt do shit for males. At least not more than preworkout does.

What you wrote just does not do much, and all combined fucks you anyway. Its not healthier, its just a very shitty cycle, thats all.
Lets say you want to rape someone. But you are afraid, so you just cum on their shoes. So you did a disgusting thing anyway, but you didnt actually get to fuck anyone, so basically - nothing got done :smiley:

“Healthier” cycle for you… 250mg of test E a week, split into two dosages.


I aromatize fairly easily too. Test E is quite a bit worse than Test C for me. I could take 200mg/week of Test C for 10 weeks without an aromatization problem (no need for Proviron). About 6 weeks on 200mg Test E and the problem begins.
[I always took another injectable anabolic and a fairly low dose of orals, compared to today’s dosages.]

My joints began giving me problems in my late 20’s. I rotated various NSAIDs monthly. Never off. Still alive.

Thanks for the replies @swoops39 I only used test enasnthate a few weeks ago.

@ hankthetank89 Yeah thanks. but what about injection pains? maybe i can only do orals. But the problem is Winstrol is way too hepatoxic and Dbol too. I want to live healthy as much as possible. And some good hair would be nice. That’s why I am also curious what deca will do. I have only done test and it made me a bit aggressive, not any real gains from just test.

@RT_Nomad maybe you should try deca for your joints then instead of the nsaids? I just am trying to cope with injection pain. maybe i have injection allergies or something…

I did both. I am 72 now and too weak to hurt joints. I was quite strong in my 20’s thru '40’s. And probably too strong for my attachments.

That’s not two previous cycles, right? So this is maybe cycle number 1.5?

19nor is for blasting and cruising not PCT. Metabolites will be with you for a long time.

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I think you’re trying too hard to make a decent cycle, which is a pretty common mistake I see from people asking about cycles on here.

If you want something liver healthy, drop the orals, or at least the proviron.

Many seem to think more compounds is better. Maybe it is if you’re seasoned, but since this is only your 3rd cycle I would guesstimate you’re not in the “seasoned” category (not trying to be a dick, just trying to be clear and direct).

Personally I think the Deca, mast, test, is a decent cycle if you are FULLY aware of the neuro and cardio side effects of nandrolone, and I think it would be better to run 1:1:1 test:mast:deca if this is your first run with the three compounds.

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Anavar is even worse. 10mg var will likely impact lipids more than 2-300mg mast/wk!

How did mast affect your lipids relative to other compounds like tren, eq etc?

i dont check stuff that is supposed to be bad if im not willing to fix it… if im on a blast, u wont stop the blast anyways, so i dont really do labs for that.

“Healthiest stack advice” and then leads with deca. Amazing.


Thanks. I’m definitely not seasoned no. Only had test alone cycles and unfortunately got a bit aggressive driving and throwing a couple things by accident. So got to be professional and actually that’s what led me to thinking deca. Alse read it’s ok for acne and hair. The mast and proviron also because I read they are giving a much better mood than just test.

maybe i should drop the anavar and prov - i’m just really keen to be dry and hard

If you are having mood issues, I certainly would NOT introduce deca. And if you’re health conscious, do not introduce deca. I monitored my BP on my last nandrolone cycle and I could “see” my heart hardening through changes in BP, on one 14 week cycle. This time I am 3 weeks in and have not seen the same change in BP, but I am also running a lower dose AND it is also still fairly early into the cycle.

Nandrolone is powerful, but nothing in life is free. In order to feel and look like a god, you pay with your health.

It sounds to me as though you are NOT FULLY aware of the possible health affect from nandrolone


Sweet Jesus, preach my brother. Hallelujah!!!


the healthiest stack is test only.

bioidentical, your body knows exactly what to do with it.

in a dose low enough that you are not having any sides, and don’t need AI

This entire thread begs the question: What is the list of AAS’s from the safest to the most dangerous?

I have taken most every AAS available from1970 to the late 1990’s. I had in mind which were safer than others, but mostly based on word of mouth. It was the opinion in my circle of lifters that Anadrol and Tren were the most dangerous. We considered most of the rest as relatively safe. Neither Deca nor Anavar ever had a bad reputation. I have yet to see where someone mentioned Methandriol on T Nation. I probably looked my best on Methandriol (plus Test C and Anavar) for the 1979 Jr USA.


Very interesting! I think there’s mostly info about hepatoxicity, but much less about prostate health. That’s one thing I would like to work for my whole life, hence why I am reading a lot. Prostate surgery seems like hell by some articles I’ve read, so difficult to risk something like that thb. Of course the heart can’t be easily replaced either. Who knows what the future holds with organ printing tho :confused:

They were seen as safer due to lack of physical sides.

Anavar is actually one of the worst long term given how badly it skews lipid profiles. Acutely it’s fairly light on sides like hypertension, acne, polycythemia etc.

The “safest” imo is probably primobolan. That’s my opinion… Methandriol isn’t mentioned often because it’s hepatotoxic, requires frequent injections if taken IM, is quite estrogenic and mg/mg it isn’t as potent as say… Dianabol

Methandriol is c17a androstenediol, androstenedione is a weak androgen and metabolite of DHEA. I’m sure it’s good shit, however for the aforementioned reasons it is no longer popular.

Tren is worse than anadrol imo. The carcinogenicity of anadrol coupled with the penchant for inducing side effects exceeds many other AAS, however this is partially mediated by the fact anadrol tends to be dosed far higher than other AAS. The high dosing isn’t for a lack of potency, 25mg/day anadrol is probably stronger than 250mg test/wk for reference.

Anadrol when looking at literature doesn’t appear to be uniquely toxic relative to dianabol or Winstrol. Try run 150mg Winstrol/day the way some use anadrol… you’ll feel pretty horrible.

Fluoxymesterone was/is the oral that appears to be particularly hepatotoxic, even then low dosages appear tolerable to prolonged periods of time (despite inducing extensive dyslipidemia).

Halotestin (fluoxymesterone) is FDA approved for treatment of hypogonadism, though such use is outdated and superior alternatives are available.


The top four I think is fairly set, and you can argue amongst yourselves about everything thereafter, save the last one. Mtren has got to be the worst and it isn’t particularly close.