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Healthiest Blast, My New Opinion

If on trt and it one wants to blast to add some lean gains, whats the healthiest (minimized risks) blast?
I always thought high deca (500mg) and low test (200) was safest, but the good folks on here convinced me how bad deca could be.

Now, at 41, i think the healthiest blast, or one that reduces risks the most, is straight testosterone, and more specifically short 6 week blasts using test prop, something along the lines of test prop 150 mg EOD x 6 weeks.

Thoughts by others?

I’ve been giving this a lot of thought too. I used quite a few compounds when I was younger and on blast/TRT but now at 47 am more concerned about safety/health/libido. Secondly I don’t want to mess up my TRT and have to “dial in” again. So it’s a bit like hunting unicorns.
I was thinking EQ but have changed my mind after reading some of the CV issues. I keep coming back to Primo or Anavar. And lastly just running straight test at a higher dose Like you suggest, around 500mg. I’ve never run test past 350mg/week so it could be an option. I’m interested in the forums thoughts.

Anavar crashes my lipids, my hdl goes from 47 to 17… ldl goes from 100 to 180
LOve to try primo, but hard to do when I can legally get test deca hgh oxandrolone etc,

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Testosterone is going to be pretty solid for low risk blasts, especially if you are not particularly at risk for high androgen sides like hair loss. My plan moving forward is test blasts for at least the next couple. EQ, Dbol, and Tbol all seem appealing as far as risk to reward. Basically everything test based seems pretty good.

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I’ve never tested lipids or anything else while on primo, but that is my go-to cycle for a reason. No issues with libido or ED (maybe slightly increased libido, hard to say as I’ve always had a fairly high one), only side I’ve ever noticed has been increased hair shedding. There’s no MBP in my family, so I’m not at risk for it. Only hairline ‘issue’ I’ve noticed is it looks (to me at least) like my widow’s peak has gotten a bit more pronounced over the years. Those do run in my family, so maybe slightly accelerated compared to my uncles but hard to say. I’ve also gotten quite a bit hairier body-wise than I used to be, but again I think that’s just an age thing in general? (I’m early 40’s)

One of these days I’ll actually test my lipids before during and after, just to see.

I’ve run var a few times. It’s great and produces results but lipids and the hit on my libido doesn’t excite me. Weighing up whether it’s worth it.

What dose primo/ test do you usually run and for how long?

200mg every other day, averages out to 700 per week. I’ve run as long as 12 weeks on that, but have been doing shorter ones, like 8-10 weeks since on the longer ones I wasn’t noticing much change after that point. Pricey, but I like the results.

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How y’all know it’s legit primo?

I basically didn’t but I liked the results I was getting. Just recently lab maxx’ed some and found it to be legit, so there ya go.

Ok, I wasn’t being mean I just wish I could get legit primo

Didn’t take it that way, no worries. I know a lot of guys have issues finding legit primo. Can’t share source unfortunately, but I’ve had no issues from them. Only one that I felt was questionable was some EQ I got from them a couple summers back. They sell stuff from several different labs, so I think it was that individual lab. When I order my normal brands from them, I get good stuff.

If you’re in the US you can find it. If you’re in the EU you can find it. In both cases it’s a little more expensive, but there’s enough of it out there.

True, but hard to justify me looking for it when I can legally get from a us pharmacy
Test, cyp, E and prop

You’ve got a great doc writing some awesome scrips. Does your insurance cover all that, or do you go out of pocket?

Out of pocket but worth it, it’s legal and legit.

Any other advice on healthiest blasts etc?