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Healthiest Beef

Hey all. I was wondering, which are the leanest cuts of beef between the major ones in order from leaner to fatter (filet, sirloin, new york, round, t-bone, porterhouse, etc)? Thanks

Here are my guesses (I’m pretty sure of them though): round (can be tough to chew!), sirloin, filet, new york, t-bone, porterhouse, then bacon ;-). I think t-bone and porterhouse are about the same. I can hardly tell them about if the label wasn’t on the package anyway.

For really lean beef, try finding a top round roast. These have almost no internal fat. They’re awesome if cooked overnight in a crockpot.

T-bone and porterhouse are the same, that’s why dude. A porterhouse consists of a T-bone with the Filet attached on the other side. Any butchers out there can correct me if I’m wrong.