Healthier Way to Blast and Cruise?

Question is not asking if B&C is healthy so save those replies.

Question is which of two options is healthier long term?

I’m 41 and on hrt, goal is decent lean gains not mr Olympia. Option one, short high blasts of test 500 and deca 500 for 8 weeks. ManK has points on this board stating 10 days into his cycle his TT is 8500. Week after last pin, his TT is about the same. Also, he says gains past 8 weeks are not extreme so why go longer?

Option 2, long low blasts like 300 deca added to my trt dose of 100 mg test x 20-24 weeks. Cons, takes longer to build, under chemicals for much longer. Pros: probably better longer keepable gains.

No studies on this, but what’s your most knowledgeable opinions?

Maybe safest is prop 150 EOD x 8 weeks?

How long have you been on hrt?
How do you feel on the 100mg/week?
Have you considered trying to get your hrt dose bumped up?

Feel great on trt, been on it 6 years.

I don’t like how I look, I eat right, work out, wanted to add some lean gains… I mean I look great in a shirt but I really want some lean gains and look ripped … I am 41

I was thinking about bumping up trt but I want like 15 lean pounds gained…

I’m not quite your age, but in my 30s also on HRT with the same objectives.

I’ve tried the high level test blasts (>500mg/wk) and they weren’t for me. Bloating, high BP, require messing with an AI. If you want healthier, slow, keepable gains I suggest keep the test on the lower side and run longer cycles with something like EQ. The cycle I’m currently planning on running next is 200 test / 400 EQ / 400 primo for 20 weeks. Not taking any estrogen blocker. Not crazy doses, relatively healthy cycle compared to other more dangerous compounds/doses and should have slow and steady gains.

Yes, all I can get is test cyp, deca, oxandrolone and rest prop. All from hrt clinic,I have to be legal :wink:

Ok then I suggest something like TRT dose of test / 200-300mg deca / 10-20mg/day anavar and run it for 20 weeks. Not going to see crazy gains but will be on the healthier side, slow and steady.

I like that idea!

Deca and healthy seem like an oxymoron to me. The deca dick risks seem like they’re just not worth it for your relatively realistic goals.

Just run 50mg of Var for 6-7 weeks and maybe bump your test up to 250-300 instead of 500?

You might have to run this a few times to get a true 15lb of lean mass. But it’s short cycles and relatively minimal amount of risk.



Forget the Deca if you want to look lean and ripped and forget high dose Testosterone too. The above suggestion with a strict diet will get you where you need to go.

You may not gain 15lbs lean mass but you may look as though you have gained 15lbs.



Not crazy doses… you’re running a gram of gear weekly for 20 weeks…

The fuck has this world come to…

I’m going home to Aus (in Singapore atm) and I’m going back to a house where unprecedented bushfires are blazing away dangerously close to our farm… dammit what if all my testosterone burns away…


Haha fair enough, but I consider those doses/compounds way lower/healthier than what most guys are running for their fifth cycle. Primo/EQ are two of the safer compounds for sure at those doses.

Yeah but on 6 weeks of oxandrolone my hdl goes to 17 from 46, that doesn’t seem healthy
My ldl goes from 100 to 188…

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Other ideas? Prop 150 EOD x 8 weeks plus 25 oxandrolone? Maybe add nolva to address lipid factors too instead of arimidex ?

That’s for only 6 weeks. Nothing is going to be 100% healthy.

Id keep total dose around 500mg/week, so 200mg T and 300mg of deca or EQ or just 250mg of T and 250mg of deca or EQ. After 8 weeks go back to TRT and see how long you can maintain it for. Maybe try and get your TRT prescribed abit higher, 200-250mg. I think not going higher than 250mg of T can reduce any possible estrogen issues compared to straight 500mg of T thats traditionally used for beginner type cycles.
Good luck👍

For short bursts you can take the hit to your LDL. Probably better long term that the LVH risk from nandrolone.

All AAS induce multiple risk factors for the development of a cardiomyopathy

  • catecholamine surge (sympathetic nervous system upregulation, bets adrenergic receptor uoregulation)… could lead to tachyarrythmia induced cardiomyopathy
  • prohypertensive effects (particularly stemming from RAAS alteration)
  • oxidive stress/antioxidant profile imbalance
  • AR binding in cardiac myocytes

Nandrolone just appears to be somewhat more capable/damaging then others

Ok, all this info re nandrolone being toxic, oxandrolone wrecking lipids, makes me keep thinking that safest blast is test prop 100-150 EOD x 6-8 weeks with nolva as the anti estrogen (helps lipids) and maybe if using oxandrolone, use 25 mg daily


You can use anavar up to 50mg/d without serious consequences if it’s not for very long. But take my advice with a grain of salt because I used var for 14 weeks and it did almost nothing to my cholesterol or my liver values. Can’t say the same for a lot of other orals. But I seem to be the outlier in that department.

@iron_yuppie How were the results from your use? Noticeable in any department?