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Healthier in Ten Years



That’s one serious superset !! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


14 March 2019

Exercise Bike: 30 minutes
Rear Raise: 200
Lateral Raise: 200
Curl: 100
Standing Ab Wheel: 8 (can finally do these!)
Ab Wheel: 30


15 March 2019

Elliptical: 30 minutes


16 March 2019

Elliptical: 30 minutes


18 May 2019

Front Squat: 115x3x15 / SSB: 135x15, 115x2x15
RDL: 115x3x15 / GHR: 3x15
Dips: 2x12 / Incline DB Bench: 50x15,10, 40x2x15
Chin-Ups: 2x8 / Pulldown Machine: 4x15
OHP: 65x2x15 / Lateral Delts: 4x15
BB Curl: 65x2x12 / Cable Curl: 2x15
Deficit Close-Grip Push-Up: 2x15 / Triceps Pushdown: 2x15
(2 separate rounds indicated by slash; 1 minute rest between sets)

Exercise Bike: 30 minutes

First day of Ultimate Diet 2.0 folks. If the results are as impressive as the name, I should be looking pretty effin good

The purpose of this workout is to deplete my muscles of glycogen so that when I carb load later in the week, I can optimize nutrient partitioning (or at least that’s what Lyle says). I weighed in at 186 this morning, but I don’t think I’ve gotten much fatter.

I’m gonna be eating a bit less than 1400 today

See y’all, hope you guys have a good day


Were these straight sets, supersets, or something else? I can’t really tell the order in which thing were done. I was assuming you did front squats and then SSB squats and then RDL’s and so on, but this:

threw me off.


Haha yea that notation is pretty fucked. It just means I did all the shit to the left of the dashes first. Then did all the shit to the right of the dashes. So for example, front squat -> RDL -> dips -> … -> deficit close-grip push-up -> (back to the beginning) SSB -> GHR …

The 1 minute rest means that I took exactly 1 minute of rest between every single set in the workout.

Make sense?