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Healthier in Ten Years



Me too.

I thought that was a standard salad/cereal bowl?


Haha well then scratch that. I was just trying to find a way to describe a really big bowl :joy:


9 March 2019

A. Upper Warm-Up

B. Bench Press: 45x30, 95x3, 135x3, 185x3, 205x3

C1. Chest Press: 100
C2. Lateral Raise: 100
C3. Tricep Pushdown: 100
C4. Cable Chest Fly: 100 (damn this was great)

D. Exercise Bike: 15 minutes


Some update photos after carbing up for a few days (weight was 178.5 this morning, so not too bad after all the fuckin food I’ve been eating):


last two sessions looked solid!!! and looking pretty lean in the photos!!


Looking good Rat :slight_smile:


@bigpappafrance @mortdk

Thanks y’all


Now this is what I call a salad.

Spinach, kale, bell pepper, broccoli, nutritional yeast flakes, chickpeas, mushroom, raisins, cucumber, walnuts, almonds, tomatoes

Topped with homemade honey mustard

The smaller bowl is my brother’s cause he can’t stomach a King’s Salad


Looking really solid man! Your back especially is nice and wide. Great progress


Looking lean and mean man. Damn there are some solid looking lean guys around here. This old man needs to up his game.


@jackolee thanks jack. I’m going to try to keep losing some of the love handle fat to get my v taper to show a little more. Hope you are feeling good and ready to rock that contest

@simo74 thanks Simo, I appreciate it. Don’t discount yourself. You’re stronger than me, so you probably have at least as much muscle once you cut off the fat. Plus, I definitely wouldn’t call you an old man haha


Looking solid, looking good (except for the Tennessee hat…). Tennessee’s color and logo are just a poor attempt to copy Texas’.


Haha I’m actually an Alabama fan (cause I go to school there). However, my home is in Tennessee, so I have to blend in with all of the UT fans. I kid you not, when I put an Alabama sticker on my car, all of my tires got slashed within a week


10 March 2019

Elliptical: 30 minutes


11 March 2019

A. Treadmill Walk: 5 minutes

B1. Hip Thrust: 135x2x20, 185x20
B2. Inverted Row: 3x20

C1. Zercher Squat: 55x10, 135x2x10
C2. Feet-Elevated Push-Up: 3x20

D. RDL: 95x3x20

E. Glute & Ab Stuff

Did my mom’s glute program today. She bought Bret Contreras’s book (the glute guy lol) and is doing his program. My glutes are pretty damn tired even though I worked with relatively light weights.

Hope y’all have a good Monday


Bloody hell matey looking awesome in them shots! I’ve only been absent for a few days WTF lol You must have rubbed a genies lamp and wished for insane progress. In truth a lot of hard work and dieting is paying off … nice one bud


Haha dude thanks so much. I’m taking a diet break this week while I’m home but will get back at it next week (with a freshly stoked metabolism)


Wee break might do you good bud … keep killing it looking awesome!


Thanks my man. You keep working hard as well. Have a good one bro


13 March 2019

Chin-Ups: 100
Lunges: 100 per side
Deficit Push-Ups: 100