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Healthier in Ten Years



I may be 2lbs away but am thinking you may have a little more muscle mass than me. Either way I will keep stripping away the layers and see what’s underneath


4 March 2019 (diet)

Protein powder
Oats with flaxseed, chia seeds, cashews, and blueberries

Protein powder
Oats with blueberries, raspberries, and almond butter
Raisin bread with avocado

Protein powder

Protein powder
Salad with carrots, tomatoes, and raspberry vinegar
Bell pepper with hot salsa

Calories: 2,636
Protein: 216
Carbs: 271
Fat: 90
Fiber: 69
Sugar: 65

Had more calories today than I usually do. I ended up eating more after my workout because I felt really weak, and I needed the energy to study today. I’m not worried about it because in the worst case scenario, I ate around maintenance calories.


Awesome progress man!


5 March 2019 (diet)

Protein powder
Oats with flaxseed, chia seeds, cashews, raspberries, and blueberries

Protein powder

Protein powder
Spinach salad with carrots and raspberry vinegar
Oats with blueberries

Halo Top non-dairy ice cream

Calories: 2,301
Protein: 163
Carbs: 317
Fat: 74
Fiber: 81
Sugar: 79


Thanks Hog, I appreciate it


To make visually apparent progress in two short months is fantastic. The shrinking of the waist is really starting to improve definition in your chest. You also have an improved line from your delt to tricep. I’d be interest to see measurements. Did you take measurements before you started? Looking awesome bro!


Thanks man, I really appreciate it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take measurements. Only my weight and pictures. After you talked about the importance of measurements, I started tracking some data in an Excel spreadsheet. Hopefully I’ll have some decent data after another few weeks.

One thing I can definitely say is that my waist has gone down. I’m not sure where it was when I started, but my pants are very loose around the waist now


6 March 2019

Max-Effort Upper

Conditioning (10 minutes)
Battle Ropes
25 lb Medicine Ball Slams

Strength Giant Set
Chin-Ups: 6 reps
Floor Press: 95x3, 135x3, 185x3
Leg Raise: 6 reps
Jump Rope: 20 double-unders
90 second rest

Volume Giant Set
Chin-Ups: 6 reps
Floor Press: 150x12,5,5
Leg Raise: 6 reps
Jump Rope: 20 double-unders
90 second rest

Cable External Rotation: 80 per side in 1 minute per side
Cable Internal Rotation: 80 per side in 1 minute per side
DB Lateral Raise: 150 reps in 3 minutes
DB Rear Raise: 80 reps in 2 minutes
Push-Ups: 60 reps in 1 minute


You’re on a roll Rat! well done awesome sessions.


Thanks Mort!


6 March 2019
(second workout)

Exercise Bike: 30 minutes

I’m adding in 3 sessions of exercise bike per week (30 minutes per session). I’ll gradually increase this over time.


Wondering myself whether to add cardio too !! Hmmmm


I’m just adding it because I’m to my weight loss sticking point (the 177-181 range). Maybe you could save it as your trump card for when you stop losing as quickly. Or you could just implement it whenever because it definitely does help burn more calories


The tricky thing with all of this is sustainability. What I’m doing isn’t sustainable and I know that. How lean can we be and still have a good gym, life, food, diet balance. It’s hard to say really. Even when on a strict diet and exercise regimens it be limes a bit of a routine, and thus your normal.

For me I’m thinking that 167-170 is going to be as lean as I can stay and still eat in a less restricted manner on occasion. Guess we’ll see! Great job man!


7 March 2019

Exercise Bike: 30 minutes


8 March 2019

A. Lower Warm-Up

B. Mat Pulls (2”): 135x3, 225x3, 275x3, 295x1 (tweaked my back; full story below)

C1. Row: 100
C2. Back Extension: 100
C3. Curl: 100
C4. Rear Raise: 100
C5. High Pull: 100

D. More lats and upper back

Alright y’all, so my fuckin pants started falling down during my mat pull set. I lost concentration and let out my air and tweaked my damn back lol. Hopefully it will forgive me. No pain at the moment. It hurt during the rep but felt normal after.

By the way, I’m thinking about doing Lyle McDonald’s Ultimate Diet 2.0. Not sure if anyone here has done it before, but feel free to comment on it. It seems like a nice change from what I’ve been doing, and I like the look of the workouts (4 full-body workouts during the week; fucking brutal). I might save the conjugate stuff for after I’m done cutting.

During this week, I’m visiting my parents. Lyle says to eat maintenance before starting this diet, so I’m going to “intuitively eat” this week. My plan is to eat when I am hungry and to eat really clean. I’m still going to track weight and all the other stuff, but I’m going to let my hunger dictate my diet instead of the other way around. This will be perfect since my mom will be making food.

Y’all have a good day


Hope the back tweak is nothing serious. Enjoy the home cooked meals! Will sit accomodate your vegan ways?


I would be a fat arse if it was me :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d eat all damn day long if I did this!


@JMaier31 no it doesn’t hurt at the moment so I’m not going to worry about it. I’ll just have to wear tighter pants in the future haha.

And yea, it’ll accommodate my vegan ways haha. My mom actually recently got diagnosed as prediabetic. This was a huge shock because I had put her on a strength program and over a year she and my dad both dropped a ton of fat and gained muscle. Fortunately, I had just read a book about preventing disease with a healthy diet, so I convinced her to try a whole-foods plant-based diet. In one month, all of her indicators were back in normal range.

@mortdk I’m trying to be a Fat Bastard with vegetables instead of sugar haha. I ate 2 salads yesterday that were each the size of a mixing bowl. I’m just going to train hard, eat, sleep, spend time with my family, and do work. I’ll hit the diet hard after I get back to school.

My diet yesterday

Oats with blueberries & raspberries, flaxseed, chia seeds, almond butter, & cinnamon
Protein powder

Mixed nuts and fruit

Spinach & kale salad with broccoli, nutritional yeast flakes, raisins, chickpeas, and homemade honey mustard dressing
Veggie pizza (this was so good)

Protein powder
Vegan peach cobbler (this was to die for; it was thick and light with the crust perfectly done; the peaches gave it such a fresh and natural sweet taste)

Another spinach & kale salad with broccoli, nutritional yeast flakes, raisins, chickpeas, and homemade maple walnut dressing

@jackolee I’m probably going to be doing this until I adjust. However, I’m trying to snack on really healthy and low calorie foods though so I don’t just turn into a fat slob