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Healthier in Ten Years



Looking good Rat.
I read somewhere along the lines that as long as you’re 12% bodyfat or more, you’re not losing significant muscles.
Starting on W4SSB I would add a bit of calories back in. It is a build muscle and strength program.
But you’ve been doing fine, and I’ll keep an eye on this new conjugate thing Y’all are doing.


Thanks Mort. I think that sounds smart. I definitely don’t think I’m at less than 12% bodyfat, so I don’t have to worry about that for a bit longer. But yea, it might be a good idea to feel out a small calorie increase


You’re doing fine. If it’s not broke then don’t fix it. What’s your #1 goal/priority right now? Answer that question and it will tell you how to eat.


Main goal is to lose fat. So the conclusion would be to stay the course I guess


Looking fken good mate, back especially looks spot on. Man I need to lose some of this blubber!!!


Thanks Simo. Don’t worry man, you’ll definitely lose it. Just takes time. I keep telling myself to be patient


12 February 2019

Dynamic-Effort Lower

Yoga Flow Warm-Up

A. Box Jump: 6x2 on 30” box EMOM

B. Bulgarian Split Squats: Bx10, 45x2x10

C. RDL: 45x10, 95x10, 135x10, 185x2x10

D. Hanging Leg Raise: 4x10

E. Sprints: 4 rounds of 30 seconds at 9-11 mph, 90 seconds at 2-3 mph


Nice! :+1:


Thanks my man. I’m gonna be adding in a bit more of this type of stuff to my program.


Like this whole session - how fast are you moving on the split squats and RDL?


Great progress man.


@losthog thanks my man. That means a lot coming from you since you’ve made such big progress.

@bustedwheel I’m moving pretty fucking fast. I was reaching warp speed on the RDLs :joy:


On eccentric too? I always worry about quick RDLs on the eccentric.


Nope, not on the eccentric, just concentric


Alright y’all. So I wanted to eat some pizza. I decided to have a bit of a cheat meal. I ate two big mother fucking pizzas.

Before (just a photo of one of them)


Macros of the meal:
1660 calories
52 protein
255 carbs
46 fat


Hell yeah. Nice cheat meal! Gains baby


Oh yea. Dude it was great. Hopefully it’ll fuel my upper day tomorrow


When I’m on a diet that could be my daily intake… the macros would be a bit different though.

When you go, you go all in Rat. Respect.

That pizza looked great man.


I really do hate you right now. You look great and you get to eat two flammin pizzas. I’ve been starving myself for 5 weeks and still look crap. Lmao


@simo74 haha mate the pizza is a reward for starving myself :joy: don’t worry man you’ll get there. You work really hard and you’re strong, so I’m not worried at all about you cutting the fat off.

@mortdk yea the pizza was great. I think I asked for every vegetable they had to make sure the pizza was big as hell. It was super worth it