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Healthcare Votes for Water


So 2 Cali House members were bought off for water that was turned off originally to save the delta smelt fish. California's central valley's water has been shut completely off for the past year to save the delta smelt, a 1 inch fish. Some areas of the valley have 40% unemployment because of that environmentalist driven decision.

DC just offered to "give" back 25% of that water flow in order to secure votes for HealthScare.

THIS IS the most brutal bullshit we have seen. Now they are holding Cali hostage for food and to get their jobs back in order to get a vote.

TYRANNY of unprecidented proportions!

I'm absolutely livid.


I just saw that on Beck's show. We are reaching stunning new all time lows with this bill folks.


Same here, I saw it on Beck. A 2 inch fish is more important than the people.


Did anyone expect differently with the Democrats controlling the House, the Senate, and the White House, with -- at the time of Senate passage of the health-care bill -- a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, a rather substantial majority in the House, and a President who is a Chicago politician raised and mentored by Marxists?

I guess some did... I didn't.


Try this:



Unbelieveable. Tiribulus, that pretty much sums it up perfectly.


Yea, I'm with you on this one, this stuff doesn't surprise me in the least. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't far worse going on behind the scenes. I wouldn't put anything past Obama to get health care passed. But the day of reckoning will come in November, it will come and his final two years in office he'll be a virtual lame duck. This bill and especially the way it's been handled will haunt him for the rest of his political life. He may very well be defeated by someone from his own party in the primaries. No one wins if this awful piece of legislation goes through.


This time actually may wind up being different, but I wouldn't be totally shocked to see Obama reelected even this bill does pass.


Barbara Boxer, who normally is golden with her peeps, is in deep shit as far as holding her seat. She has been a Democratic Senator for 18 yrs, and many have her head on the chopping block. Meg Whitman is kicking ass against other Reps, and winning by a few points against the Democrat Jerry MoonBeam Brown. This state might just get to some degree of Republicanism.


"25% of the water for 100% of the health care." Sounds like a bargain to me (sarcasm detectors on).

Thats pretty retarded starving your people of water. How exactly is it that no one is doing anything about this?



I'm glad this is being brought into the open.

I want the people to take a good, long look at this behavior.

obama is the best thing to happen to Republicans since Ronald Reagan.

Let's hope the Good Guys get their crap together.

However, if they did NOTHING, it would be a vast improvement over obama.



The word is that Kevin McCarthy could be a promising up and comer. But Lord knows.


If they play it right which is anything but a given.


Well, it's not that they were starving the people of water for the sake of having leverage for an upcoming bill. They were starving the people for water for the sake of a fish.

The fish outweighed the people, and so no water, but Obamacare outweighs the fish, therefore the water could be provided in return for "yes" votes despite consequences to the fish.

But not for the sake of the people.


Believe it or not when they first turned off the water Hannity was all over it. The health care bill over shadowed this evil the government did.

If a government is willing to withold water to get votes what do people think will happen with health care.


This is exactly how it went and yes, to his credit, Hannity flew down there to a protest they were having about this and aired it on his show.

This is war people. WAR. It has been very wisely waged for decades. The enemies of America have succeeded in chipping away at this nations foundations until we are now crumbling into their communist sinkhole. This is only the beginning... again. Pelosi said so. They are on the attack and smelling blood. Anybody who can't feel the noose of tyranny tightening around their neck deserves what's coming, but I am tired up to here with watching my children's future pissed away because other people are cowardly ignorant lowlifes.


Tirib, I respect your opinion in these forums as much as I respect anyone. What do you suggest people do other than vote for the right people?

I mean, I actually wrote Arlen Specter an email about the health care bill back in the September/October time frame. I got a response email in FEBRUARY letting me know he did, in fact, vote for the bill (no shit, Specter, you fucking moron).

Other than vote and email the senators, what can we do?


Many won't want to hear this, but private morality and the strong families it engendered, both firmly grounded in the Christian religion were the bedrock that this society was built on. It was that self restraint that allowed limited government to function at all. The 60's saw the end of that and hence the country. We are now approaching the logical conclusion about which we were profusely warned even by non religious founders such as Franklin.

There is no political "let my voice be heard" solution. The poison is in people's homes, DC merely reflects that.



People never learn. It took 30 years before memories 'shortened up enough' to let the libs run things again.

The same thing that makes 'em libs causes them to do evil shit like this besides.