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Healthcare Scam


Just the tip of the iceberg according to the FBI. US healthcare is losing $billions every year in scams. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/8117991.stm


Talk about scams. My wife was in the Hospital after giving birth. Alot of doctors were fond of popping in to say hello, ask a question of two, literally 60 seconds. The insurance bill showed charges for 2-3K from each of those money makers. Doctors use and ABUSE the systems all the time.

Needless to say we called the ins and protested. They investigated and removed the charges. But this is a everyday occurrence.


Don't worry, when the government finally gets its hands on everything the scams will amount to the trillions.

The FBI is also a scam.


ah yes, just another fine example of the free market at work in health care, i wonder if ERs will still be able to write off their free boater bills to the govn't once obama dishes out the turd to compete with the rest of the toilet bowl's worth. I bet they keep the laws forcing the hospitals that don't co-op with the govn't plan to treat and see every patient, people will regular insurance are going to realize the extent to which we already have govn't run health care as is lol



I think this just about sums up the arguement. Gov't run healthcare (and this is the ultimate goal) will limit choices. Instead of chosing an insurance plan that fits your needs and chosing the best treatments with your doctor, treatment decisions will be made by bureaucrats. They will have to make up for the incredible waste somewhere. Let's hope it's not on a treatment or medication you need. At least Obama can can afford to pay in cash.


No, were there a free market in health care this would not be an issue because consumers would actually have a choice about how they are billed. This is a systemic problem with managed health care.


Even in this situation, what do you think would have happened if the only one to complain to was some federal bureaucracy? Would you rather protest a charge to American Express or the IRS?


Speaking of the IRS, just wait til we see the fun and expanded new roles they will be playing in our lives if all this crap becomes law.


The funny thing is the argument of for profit health care. I have never seen a price list from a hosputal for services so I could shop around. There is no competition, there is just rip offs.


I do not like the whole idea of insurance. It's non government, but passively coerced collectivism with results that aren't a lot better. Another thread.


I wouldn't call it non-gov't. Health insurance is non-gov't like fnma is non-gov't.


Now your Medical decisions are made by the Ins. Bureacrats


I'm talking in general. EVERYBODY is up in arms about the uninsured and underinsured on and on. NOBODY EVER considers the possibility that the collectivist concept of insurance wherein pooled resources are dispersed by financially interested 3rd parties might be the exact wrong way for people's medical needs to be met. If it weren't for insurance, medical care could not possibly cost what it does now because very few people would be able to pay for it.

All related costs as well from equipment, research, training etc. would never have rocketed out of the stratosphere like they have if if were not for the idiotic idea of somebody other than you paying for your own goods and services. Health insurance is an artificial industry created out of thin air that has artificially deformed the entire enterprise of medical science into a grotesque bureaucratic monstrosity who's very last concern anymore is anybody's health.

The only thing worse would be a thoroughly statist version of the same thing.


Agreed. The third party payer system, the FDA, and the AMA gestapo are the problem. Less regulation and gov't intervention = less expensive healthcare.


Sure it would have someday take a look at your hospital bills and see all the different charges you are paying for. I had some on my bill sent to my insurance company for $250 and it was for uninsured patients.

And the main reason it is getting crazy in costs is because the Doctor has to pay upwards of $350k a year for insurance. The Hospital/Offices pays out millions a year for insurance and lawyers. And why because we sue everyone and anyone we think we can get some money for free.

The National health care is a joke all it will do is give the freeloaders more free stuff while sitting on their asses and make the working stiff even poorer paying for all this.


I heard you have the choice between the government healthcare and private healthcare


You did? THAT"S GREAT!!!! Were good then.


Well, then, what are Mr. Obama's thoughts on how to save costs?
In his own words:


Soylent green, anyone?


I would hope so, too, dh, but here is why I doubt that expenses drop with "efficiency."


You will note that rationing does not necessarily lead to increased "efficiency:" some patients will be denied appropriate care nevertheless.
And conversely, restricting expenses to more "indicated" cases means that some will be denied care that they need, as well.

Inefficiency is the price of access.


God. I don't even have any words. Fuck that. That's cold on a level I don't even care to go.