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Healthcare Bill Passes Senate



I never thought it would happen.


This was just a committe vote, it is not law (yet).


Ahhh, my bad.


Unfortunately, I see this shiny happy piece of shit being passed into law along party lines, just as it made it out of commitee. "Soak the rich!", Yea!, make 'em pay their "fair share"!

Call it a sur tax, call it an income tax increase, it's the same thing. In the middle of what is being described as the greatest economic downturn since the great depression, we're going to pass a major tax increase? (But Bigflamer, it's on the rich! fuck the rich Bigflamer!!) But the reality of the matter is, that this will effect many job creators, including many small business owners.
Also, consider that as we the people abdicate our "health care" responsibilities to others, we surrender more of our freedoms in the process. The feds will, as common sense indicates, have to attach measures to effect cost control. These cost control measures will mean the rationing of health care options for our loved ones.

This bill, in addition to the cap and tax bill, are pieces of shit. But hey, America voted for change, right? how's that hope and change working out for ya America?


There isn't enough paper on the planet to print the money of the growing debt. It is just a number at this point.


Universal Health Care Isn't Worth Our Freedom
What would Thoreau have made of the current debate?


As much as I like Thoreau, he was a fucking weirdo and I don't care what he would have thought about health care.


Ok, fair enough. What do you think about the health care bill that came out of commitee?


I think I'll wait for the one coming out of finance committee


There is no way that this health bill is making it all the way at its current price tag.


I wouldn't be so sure. Outside of a few minor changes, I believe that this could be the meat and potato's of the bill right here. The feds are already showing a willingness, no, an eagerness to spend beyond our means. Just print more.

After al, it's a damn CRISIS!!! We gotta do something NOW!!!!! /sarcasm


If this was at the very beginning of Obama's term we may have seen this pass. I don't think America wants to stomach 1-1.5 trillion dollars.

What passed this committee was just a 600 billion version that if made law would force Americans to get health insurance and who ever they work for would be forced to throw money in to pay for it. Now this is probably the dumbest thing you can do with our economy the way it is right now, and I think people are beginning to see it.


Ya beat me to it, seriously. Somebody defend this.


If it made it this far, nothing is impossible.


I am sick and tired of this bullshit. No, it won't affect job creation. It never has. Chart of top marginal tax rate:


Notice when it was real high? We we hurtin' those years, weren't we? Oh, wait.

Here's a chart of national income going to the top 0.1% of earners. Where's all that job creation that should have resulted? How rich do they have to get before it kicks in?

Not that I am arguing for 60%+ marginal rates.

By the way, here's wages and productivity:


You talk shit because this would not affect you financially. Wait until someone dips into your wallet to pay for someone else's shit. You might think differently, but then you are the socialist.


Don't like those numbers, eh? Carry on with your tantrum.

And no, I don't like it when politicians use taxpayers dollars to waste on a murderous military, or to give to rich people, as they presently do. Go on thinking that socialism is your enemy, but remember, you're living under capitalism now.


Not capitalism anymore.


Get this! There is an aleged provision in this bill that would tax those responsible individuals 2.5% more if they should elect not accept this "voluntary" service.



Oh, good more government jobs...but at the expense of better paying, productive, private enterprise.

Now, let's see...who should I trust with my children's health more...?

Proving once again you don't know dick about how economies work.