Health Supplement Regimen Recommendations?

Just curious on a list of things to add to my health supplement regiment… Feel free to list ideas or comment on what I am thinking of doing.Looking for general organ health, less performance supps. All are per day. Thinking of getting BulkSupplement brand if possible. Is there an importance to name brand with these IE Kaneka Coq10, etc? Would love to have brands and dosage recommendations.

  • 3g Astralagus
  • 10000iu D3
  • ~180mcg Vit K2
  • 200mg CoQ10
  • 3-5g Fish Oil EPA/DHA

for co Q10 ideally get Ubiquinol types

10000iu of d3 is pretty high, I would start off at like 2000 and work your way up. if/when start to feel weird then back off.

Greens/Superfood sup is worth a look in

Any reason? Also, any recommendations for Kidney and Liver health?

magnesium before bed !

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Among other things greens will help ‘clear out’ liver/kidneys/digestive system

I would check your vitamin d levels first so you don’t overdo it and become vitamin d toxic.