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Health Problems with Very High Test?

Only been on TRT for a few months. Been doing 200mg of Test-C every 7 days. I feel great and have no side effects. After my last blood test my doctor said I was too high (1048 four days after pinning) and told me to switch to 200mg every 10 days. I don’t feel like arguing with him and would like to keep it every 7 days.
My question is, do I risk any health problems at this level? I figure I am probably between 1400 and 1500 a day after pinning and down from there. I am specifically worried about blood pressure and hematocrit. Will those change quickly or is testing them every 3 months good enough? I am 38 years old and donate blood every 12 weeks.

You’re fine, the bloods were too early. Should have been t trough 3 days later.

If you can’t trust your doctor, find a new one.

But don’t forget your doctor is very highly qualified his opinion will hold more value and weight than someone on a forum.

Have you discussed with him/her if you can inject every 7 days but at a dose equivalent to 200mg/10days.

Its not that I can’t trust my doctor, but I know he is disadvantaged by having to tip toe around insurance carriers. If my blood test doesn’t show under 900 he can’t get insurance to pay for more test.

I have not discussed other dosing. I got a call from a nurse who told me that he said to go down to every 10 days and retest in 6 months. This lends me to believe that it is not a dangerous situation for my health.

It’s not dangerous if you have no sides and the other numbers are in order. Just make sure not to do bloods that close to peak next time, or cut back to 180 a week for a couple of weeks prior. 10 days doesn’t make a lot of sense, cutting a little would be better if the number is an issue.

Is there any chance that I would actually feel better on a lower dose? Right now I’m of the mindset that more is better as long as I don’t have any sides…

Anything is possible, but with no sides and being at the top of what was the range like 5 years ago, I doubt it. You’d know after a couple of weeks and it would be easy enough to go back up.

200 E7D isn’t a great protocol and you risk jacking up your E2 with it.

As mentioned, you should wait 7 days after pinning for blood tests. And, if you want, lower your dose the week or two before blood tests to keep it in range.

If you want to keep your T levels high, switch to injecting more often. I inject every four days. Personally, I lowered my dose because I was a little wacky on a higher dose. Not really manic, but more amped than I wanted to be. I inject 60mg E4D and run about 650 in trough. No AI, no issues at all except the need to donate blood occasionally because of HCT.

If you like the 200mg a week, keep it up - just split into two doses and time your injections so that you are lower when you get blood tested.

Your doctor should only be concerned with trough levels, not middle of the week. Your doctor doesn’t want to get in trouble, there is nothing wrong with higher levels, in fact higher levels is healthier and men with higher testosterone have the least cardiac events.

Testosterone is cardioprotective, lower levels equals less protection. You could just lower the dosage and stay on weekly dosing if your doctor wants to have his way. I prefer to recommend at least twice weekly dosing. The suggestion to inject every 10 days suggests your doctor is a newbie at TRT, if he is worried about high levels, then he should have you drawing labs at trough.

Blood pressure is related to fluid retention and if allowed to get out of hand, edema is if gets too extreme which would then mean your body isn’t removing water waste properly. I require a diuretic if I’m to remain on TRT.

No, those are good numbers and you are feeling great. 80-90% of guys on TRT take 200mg once a week and do well.

They can, but every three months is enough.

Possibly, but most feel better with more until/unless high E2 or BP becomes an issue. You’re healthier with higher E2, provided you tolerate it well, anyway.

What are these values?

Just tell the doctor that every 10 days isn’t possible due to work commitments and you need to keep it the same day each week.

Or tell the Dr to write the script and that he will make sure his levels are acceptable at the 6 month test. He also could just not make the inaurance pay the tiny amount of money for the rx then it wont matter what his blood test says.

I know I wrote “insurance” but it is also other medical watchdogs. Doctors aren’t allowed to just give out any amount of T to anyone who tests low once. There are many hoops to jump through, not just with insurance companies.

My first Dr did. He wasnt even a Dr he was an M.A. writing scripts out of an urgent care. 1 blood test everything came back crazy low. Instant script

He even asked before the results were back if i still wanted to start if i was in like the 300s and not technically under

If the office were to get audited or something he would have my first test proving i was low and even if he had me optimal im sure the TRT Drs are held to the same standard with no rediculous levels. If a clinic can have you optimal so can a GP. Insurance just might not pay but he isnt losing his license with a low t test to back it up

Yeah I understand, but I believe all states have different laws and regulations. And different doctors do things differently for a variety of legal and ethical reasons.