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Health Presentation Ideas.


I am currently in a very basic health class, required to get my associates degree. In the beginning of December I have an 8 minute presentation due on anything health related. I could really choose a topic on anything, from drugs to hormones to dieting; theres even a guy in my class presenting on self defense.

The problem is there are too many options that I want to do, so I am looking for ideas from you people out there to see if anything really catches my eye.

Thanks for your contributions.


Fish oil. Use some real research as well. Not www.fishoilzisawesum.com


I will sell you my anatomy presentation on muscle hypertrophy I completed last year.(2 minute presentation about, based on term paper 10pg long. Got an 94 on the presentation. Let me know what you decide :wink:.

Aahaha actually I do not really care. Be sure to research what you are going to do, and be sure the places you are getting your sources from are okay to use. I am guessing you are doing a powerpoint presentation?


A good friend of mine just submitted his dissertation in biology about high doses of glycopeptides and their corresponding effects on MRSA.

I find it to be a big yawn, but you might impress someone.


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Why don't you do "The Evils of Soy: Undressing the Truths of Soy Propaganda"

I did a 10min pres on that in a vert fizzy class, just used the sources on this site (well I looked at actual journal articles and put those in ref, but used articles here as a starting point).


A presentation on fish oil is something I have been considering, since I have always been a supporter of it. I am interested in MRSA, thats definately going into consideration. The evil of soy has crossed my mind, but my teacher promotes vegetarianism and soy foods, I think going against her views will give me a bad grade. Resveratrol is also something I havent thought of yet, the teacher has praised the health benefits of red wine, so that would fit pretty well.

Thanks for your ideas, I just have to do a little research and decision making now.


That's exactly why you would want to present this - it's fun to be controversial. I presented to a class of 9 people, all were girls and most were in a nutrition program, and the prof was chinese and ate soy products.