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Health/Physical Fitness Major?


How does having Health/Physical Fitness as a college major differ from having Exercise Science as a major? Considering I would want to become a strength coach/performance enhancement specialist.

I tried to get information from Collegeboard.com, but didn't get much out of it. They did have brief descriptions of the majors, but didn't really see how they're different from one another.


You would probably be safe with either one. What really matters in the field you are interested in are certifications from the big names like ACE and ACSM. From my experience, Exercise Science may be better for measuring human performance and doing lab work. If you have any questions let me know, I'm a Kinesiology major at James Madison University and I could always ask a few questions around the department for you.


Health/Phsyical Fitness might be a track more geared towards teaching at schools??? I've never heard of it as a major so that's only a guess.

With what you want to do the safe bet would be to go with Exercise Science then get your CSCS.

Just talk to your college admissions as to what the right fit would be for you.


Go with the exercise science degree...With a minor in nutrition....get ready to not have a social life...all you will do is study and lab work