Health Insurance

We all know Insurance is one of the biggest black holes we will ever put our money into but, they have us by the balls because insurance companies know you can’t run the risk of being without it.

Just an informal poll. How much do you pay for your health insurance per month? And what type job do you have?
My health insurance at work just increased by $317 per month! and my family and I are receiving less coverage.

My wife works at a hospital. We pay $199/month for insurance for a family of 4, plus another $62/month for dental.

When I was getting the insurance through the school I taught at, it was $350/month (no dental) for the family.

Me and my dad own an insurance agency, mostly auto not health, but next time you go to get insurance watch out for the hidden fees. They will charge you extra like crazy. Just looking out.

$48/month for the most bare-bones coverage I can get.