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Health Insurance + Diesel= Love Forever

I blew a fuse.

But then again, I usually do - even though I try hard to keep my cool.

This time I’m a little more itchy than usual though. I have a growth in my toe. It was big enough to cause concern last year.

It doubled in size in roughly 7 months.
The operation costs $3000.
I’m a College student with a hole in my pocket.
My insurance company refuses to pay for the operation.

Fuck you Consolidated Health Insurance. May our love last an eternity.

Consolidated + Diesel forever.

Get a pocket knife and try to cut it off yourself. Then when you go to the hospital with a bloody, half sawed off foot, your insurance will pay for the trauma care I imagine and the doctor will probably finish removing the growth for you while he stops you from bleeding to death.

Why won’t they pay, it could be cancer, anything. Health insurance sucks anymore. I remember being a kid with my dad in the military, everything was taken care of, now , I go to the dentist, the bill is $200, you know what my insurance pays? $30, no $hit.