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Health Freaks

The pic in my avatar is from when I was an extra in a movie called Health Freaks. It’s finally coming out August 28th. http://ransompictures.com/ I’m pretty pumped as I’m sure this will be my 15 minutes. To my surprise, in the “Adopt a freak” section, there is a shot of me. I honestly have no idea what the “Adopt a freak” is or where the $5.00 goes to. Apparently, it just proves I’m cheap and easy. I’m not asking anyone to contribute, I just wanted to share my excitement of being an extra in a zombie flick about weight lifting. I doubt the movie will ever play anywhere else and will probably only go through Sunday. But still…Pumped!!

I won’t lie…it looks a bit odd.

[quote]RSGZ wrote:
I won’t lie…it looks a bit odd.[/quote]

It’s a comedy horror. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Also, it is very, very low budget and supposed to be cheesy. Think Toxic avenger http://www.toxicavenger.com/ then think 17 year old director (seriously) and much less money. Interestingly enough Llyod Kaufman, the creator of “Toxic Avenger” and president of Troma studios makes an appearence in Health Freaks.