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Health Effects of Different AAS and MEV

Hey guys,
I think an interesting topic could be discussing the risk to benefit ratio of different compunds, and what is generally the minimum effective volume and your experiences with those compunds?

How many cycles do you guys do, and are you on a performance dose of trt when not cycling?

If going PTRT, is a Pct protocol necessary between cycles. Even if the cycle ratio is something like 4/12 ?

Thanks, very interesting topics and nice to see alot of experienced guys here.

On any TRT PCT isn’t required. Blast/cruise means no time off, no HPTa restart.

Thanks for the clarification, is there no need for controlling estrogen levels if following the cycle with TRT?

Or is the pct strictly for in hopes to get back to normal levels?

Don’t quite get what you mean, i find it helpful to control e2 whether on TRT or blasting. Some guys don’t need to tho; sadly, I’m not one of them

Its okay, i get what you mean, and it clarifies this :slight_smile: thanks

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Topics might be interesting but they are impossible as all this stuff is :
1)Totally individual
2)I dont think anyone has done so many cycles/blasts with 1 compound and different dosages that it would be possible to comment on “300 test did this, 500 test did this, and 300 test and 50 anavar did this”.

Most of us use much too much, and there are too many factors that can change shit.
I know i gained size the same on 250mgs of test a week as i did on a blast that had 1g+ shit in it, BUT… i also took insulin on 250mgs of test, so - thats an extra factor. Also my training changed a bit.
Long story short - probably impossible to compare all that.
Drugs are science but somehow when it comes to gaining strenght and size with the help of drugs, from individual to an individual it is NOT an exact science. One persons experiences with anything are worthless as an information to anyone else as we can all do the same thing and get different results and side effects.


All good points, well put.