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Health Care Protests



This is an op-ed article from hoyer/pelosi.

I would like everyone to read this. I would like our resident dems: tme/irish/mufasa (sometimes)/others to explain how this isn't hypocrisy of the first order. Not to mention a very sobering attempt to limit free speech/silence opposition.

Remember hillary clinton in 2003 telling everyone how sick she was of being called un-american for disagreeing with W's Administration?


I read it. My opinion of Nasty pelosi has not changed by this.
I still think if she truly did love this country, she would commit suicide and rid of us of her stupidity.

Let these dumbasses think these protests and town hall meetings are staged....It will be to their own detriment. Don't you think, that as wide spread as this is, that people may be genuinely pissed, rather then this being staged?

I think these dumbasses are completely shell shocked and are scrounging. They obviously can't believe that people really don't want socialized medicine. Maybe people will wise the fuck up and vote these morons out now.


Mufasa can speak for himself. But I don't think he is a democrat. Not everyone is a democrat who doesn't agree with every rigid, unyielding extremist view espoused by some on these forums. I would also add that many Democrats recognize the Pelosi is an ass clown.


At least everyone can agree that Pelosi is 1st Team All-World ass clown.


I don't understand how anyone who spent more than 4 seconds reviewing obama's pre-2009 record and ended up voting for him could be anything more than a democrat.

I'd go so far as saying that whoever voted for the guy is a lIBERAL dEMOCRAT.

But, it wasn't (and isn't) just pelosi making those comments. It's hoyer also. There are other lesser figures. There's a clear attempt to belittle these protestors from within the dem power apparatus.

That includes obama's White House.

By the way, if you dems realize she's an ass-clown, why is she still in her position? Why is she allowed to write and push the signature legislation of the obama White House? Hell, obama admits he doesn't even know the content of the bill HE'S PUSHING!!!

Why aren't you on the phone/writing letters/protesting that pelosi be removed?