Health Care Complaints?


We are victims. An abused, discredited, hopeless, helpless, beat down, obese, but oh so advanced generation. Never have we seen such technology. Never have we had so many convienences, never has life been easier. I meant harder. It is SO hard! So busy! So much to do. So many places to go. We don’t even have time to eat!

Oh but we do manage to do just that, plenty of it! But we have to do it on the go which is just one more place and reason we are victimized. We would eat healthier and maybe eat together if we didn’t have so much to do, but we are forced to eat the crap that they serve us at those horrible fast food restaurants.

So much fat, calories, and chemicals. We should sue! No doubt we would win. Why? Cause we are the victims my friend, and we’ll keep on believing that to the end.

What about all the new diseases that have popped up and all of the diseases that we have discovered that we didn’t even know were diseases before? I have learned one thing about this generation. We are basically good. How did I learn this? Because anything that is not good in us is simply a disease. I’m convinced that if we were not the victims of disease we would be perfect.

Well I guess we are cause disease doesn’t really count anyway. It’s not something we can help, therefore not something that can be held against us. ADD, ADHD, LBP, HC, SAD (social anxiety disorder- fitting acronym) and all of the thousands of other letters that I could fill pages with.

What are some of these diseases that plague so many? Obesity (I only mention it so much cause it is such an epidemic), hight blood pressure (no they are not connected! :), depression, social anxiety disorder, learning DISORDERS, behavioural DISORDERS, alcoholism, drug addiction (yes, ANY addiction is a disease), ED (if you don’t know what that is yet, I can’t help you), lots of men with penises that are too small disorder (that’s an epidemic!), OCD, bipolar disorder, blah blah blah. You bored yet? I am.

So what’s the point? All I’m saying is that we should be thankful. This Christmas season we can be thankful. I’m not saying thankful to anybody in particular cause I don’t believe in a god who would create perfect people who suffer needlessly through so much disease having never done anything wrong (can I use that word?) to themselves let alone anyone else.

But just thankful for thankful’s sake. Thankful that we have the technology and the knowledge and the health care and the pills, double thankful for the pills, to treat our imperfections. Hallelujah to health care! Raise your glasses and pop a pill for health care!

I am so thankful that we don’t have to be like the past generations who, for example, if they had found out they had high blood pressure or cholesterol would have been told by the “doctor” that their only choices are to eat healthy and excercise or die. Or die? That is just harsh. Mean! Now the doctor can just give them a few pills and they don’t have to change anything.

And why should they have to? It’s not their fault. I mean fifty years ago how many pills on average were most elderly people on? Probably none. Now? Thankfully at the very least five a day. At least! In a lot of cases it’s closer to ten to fifteen. And now, thankfully again, the average young adult is not far behind. Why?

Like I said we have all of these wonderful pills to fix our diseases. No longer do we have to blame ourselves and try to change habits or behaviours in our own lives. No longer do we have to live with guilt. In fact it’s been proven that guilt is just another disease and we have a pill for that too.

But wait a second you may say. What about personal responsibilty? You know what my personal responsibility is? It is simply this: to live in this moment doing whatever it is that makes me the most happy. That is it! I like to think of it like that Tim McGraw song, ya know, what if you knew you were gonna die and all that.

That’s how you gotta live every moment. What makes YOU happy? Don’t agree with me or agree with the way I live my life? Too bad! Don’t try and push your standards on me. I believe in tolerance and that everyone’s point of view is right. And if you get in my way or the way of my happiness I will kill you, you will at least get run over.

Anyway, I’m done rambling. The moral of the story is that if you think there is something wrong with you, realize it’s not you. You are just a victim and no matter what it is, they do have a pill to fix it. So schedule an appointment with your local doctor, make sure you get one for your guilt too, and be happy! The way that you have been living your life is just fine. You’re beautiful! You’re perfect! Now go have a merry Christ…sorry I mean happy holidays!

While I sort of agree with some of what I believe you’re trying to say… Anyone that needs this explained to them is a lost cause already.

There are going to be weaker dogs in the pack man. Nothing you can do but not be one.