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Health Care: "Bully" Pullpitt

Like most pieces of Major Legislation that a President tends to get behind; it’s seems as though Trump is taking the tactic of Bullying and Embarrassing GOP Lawmakers to Vote for…something…as long as it gets rid of the ACA.

In other words; he is not even ATTEMPTING to sell a well-thought out replacement plan…(mostly because there is none)…but seems more focused on making GOP lawmakers “give him something to sign”…and to Hell with the consequences.

Will it hurt GOP lawmakers MORE to “do something”…or will it hurt them more to just wait to come up with a viable replacement plan?

Do you think GOP lawmakers will bend to Trump’s will?


It will definitely hurt the GOP more to repeal vs repeal and replace. Either Trump isn’t smart enough to realize these people have midterms to win or he simply cares more about his own image than having a friendly Congress.

Trump craves validation above all else. He made the campaign promise without actually doing any research. Now he’s cornered the Republican party into a lose lose situation.

This is the part where you say “Only Trump will bring down Trump” (of which I agree 95%).

I think a big mistake is to think Trump has a plan on anything. His campaign promises of insurance for everybody, no one loses coverage, no cuts to Medicaid are empty words. Not once throughout this process has he said wait we have to insure all people and no one loses coverage. Those were just good words for Trump voters to hear because surely he can make it happen right?

Trump is probably hearing on TV that it looks bad that they haven’t repealed or repealed and replaced Obamacare. Therefore he wants it done. Specifics have never once mattered to Trump. See his plan to defeat ISIS that only he knows about and Mexico paying for th wall.

Trump has no real plans for anything. But I don’t think it bothers him one bit if it hurts GOP. He is always looking out for himself and no one else.

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Trump really laid it on thick today.

I think this really sums it up.

He really pulled out the “guilt” card…with the ACA “victims”…and laying it heavy on the GOP, including threats of retaliation at the ballot box.

And when Trump said the DEMS were nothing but “obstructionist”? My only thought was:

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When Republicans run on a platform built around “we’ll make Obama a 1 term President” instead of “here are the issues” it’s totally different.

Plus Dems are just voting no on a bill that will hurt their constituents. Clearly that’s the real obstruction.

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As you alluded, to sell a well-thought out replacement plan, he would have to have at least a broad, high-level understanding of the issue. The GOP’s problem (at least related to the Obamacare issue, anyway) since Trump took office has been that he made a bunch of utterly-impossible and contradictory promises regarding healthcare, because…

Trump has never taken the time to actually understand the complexity of the issue (I still think one of the funniest things he’s said since he took office was “Who knew healthcare could be so complicated?”) and is likely incapable of doing so - his recent quote that made us all wonder “Does he know that health and life insurance are different things?” should make that plainly obvious.

Healthcare is enormously complex; I’m not pretending that this is an easy issue. But when you spent most of campaign season touting your unique understanding of the issues and selling yourself as the man with the plan, you’re obligated to deliver…well, something, which brings us to…

He certainly has. GOP leaders are in an awful spot right now, which is why we’re not seeing any action. Most are (at least quietly) terrified at the prospect of a straight repeal; they know large numbers of their constituents will lose care overnight, and they’re handing the Democrats the easiest campaign-attack ads ever in doing so. At least a replacement (no matter how skeleton it is) would let them say they tried to do something other than rip off the band-aid.

Does Trump care about this? Of course not!

All Trump cares about is what Fox & Friends and “the shows” are saying about him.


Odd that Trump has admitted several times that Universal healthcare is the way to go but doesn’t push for it. Trying to replace a system modeled on Romneycare which was born out of The Heritage Foundation, a total failure. It looks like the swamp has drained him. If corporate Dems get primaried by real people with a real message and loose the Reps will get their clock cleaned. The failure to repeal and replace will only add some fuel to the fire but not be a major factor.

Yes. If there is anything but a wholesale repeal (there is no viable replacement) it will hurt them more.

No. But on this issue, what is Trump’s will?

Not to be too much of a cynic but it’s becoming apparent Republicans will not repeal Obamacare, reform taxes, or build wall. The window of opportunity is very small to get this stuff done. The squish Republicans that campaigned on repeal could be defeated in primaries. However, by the time we get a congressional majority with the balls to repeal we will probably have a Dem President or (and this is much more likely) Obamacare will crash and burn followed by droves of imbeciles clamoring for single payer.

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The system as it existed prior was crashing and burning already.


And I would argue as a result of already too much market intervention.

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We need radical free market reform. We will not get it. We will get socialism and mass death instead.

Obamacare was based on Romneycare which was based on ideas from The Heritage Foundation. Too bad for the right-wing ideologues single-payer is far superior as born out by the mountain of evidence, The imbeciles are the ones who disregard evidence for ideology.

The healthcare issue shouldn’t even be an open question any longer with the mountain of evidence on the side of single payer. Even Trump has admitted this before. However I suppose the swamp has drained him. So this admission is no longer allowed.

Idk I just got my ACA shit in email & mail… Same crap every year now… we no longer offer your plan pick a new plan…ex wife bitching because its crappy plan & she dont Trust Trump so they gotta stay on her shit…of course now she wants to squeeze more CS… Private market outside ACA stilk trash…not competitive…so it goes in the real world bros. Politics aside single payer option has to be around corner cuz they tried it every way now and news flash they both suck

I suppose ACA is better than nothing but it needs massive improvement. Single-payer works much better as evidenced by other countries. Even government regulated industries(Medicare and Medicaid) in this country are much less expensive. Can you imagine a politician campaigning on healthcare and saying “How would you like to pay twice as much for often poorer outcomes.” So take a second look at single-payer. Yes I believe it is coming as well. It is just a matter of time. Hopefully once it is done Big Pharma is next in the cross hairs.

I agree… Sometime capitalism doesnt mix with everything. No flames please Im a capitalist pig but just being honest

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When capitalism is left unregulated it can be very bad. In the healthcare industry the insures make more money by denying those ho need healthcare the most. Big Pharma makes more money by delaying therapies that work better and are often less expensive with fewer side effects. Think stem cell treatments for chronic disease and their failed attempt to keep medicinal marijuana illegal. Studies have shown a reduction in the use of pharmaceuticals in states that have legalized medicinal marijuana. A reduction in their profit. But according to their business model it is better to limit choice and make people suffer than to make less money. I could go on and on with this economic systems monumental failures.