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Health Canada bans Ephedra and Ephdrine based products

Here we go again.
Lead in story for several 6 o’clock news programs around Toronto and nationally is Health Canada banning ephedrine and ephedra products .Awsome .You should of seen the fat old puke citing the fact that there had been 60 adverse reactions to ephedrine last year. He looked like he had about five years left if he was lucky before his ticker gave up. Shit like this really is disheartening.

I complained at a GNC store in Hamilton about this type of issue and they told me that Ephedra is not banned in Canada - it’s in most supplements in the form of Sida Cordifilia.
L-Carnitine is not allowed - the same GNC rep told me if you take protein containing lysine and methionine, that they will make all the carnitine you need. It was also pointed out that in the US if you screw up your health by taking supplements YOU pay, thus less regulation of untested or unproved benefit supplements. In Canada if you screw up, the Government funded Health Care has to pay for your treatments.

Sorry friend, you’re a little misinformed. The new Health Canada ban covers Sida Cordifolia to. But fellow Canadians, please take note- at this point it is still a voluntary ban.