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Health Business Ideas


Hi all, I am a student at the University of Ottawa (Canada), and currently studying Human Kinetics (B.Sc.). Me and a few buddies from school have accumulated savings, and are looking to open a small business that we could start during or after our studies, either as a hobby, or as a full-time career. We have come accross a few good ideas, but nothing great. Something in the health field would be perfect, and because this website is so health oriented, I would love your ideas. Give me all you have!

Keep in mind that we are a group of 4. We all have near perfect great point averages, and train everyday while working a part time job and being full time students. In other words, no challenge is too big for us. Our back up plan is Med school.

Looking forward to hearing your ideas!!


Nah I rather keep my ideas to myself. Why not tell us what you've come up with?


hahahahahahaha. Perfect GPA's huh?


I am really smart, and I've been thinking of publishing a novel. Could anyone maybe write one and then email it to me?



No, thank you!

You clown you :slight_smile:


LOL at Med School being a "back up plan"


Just a bunch of college kids thinking they will one day run the world. Sooner or later reality will set in.


Well you should probably go with that back up plan since you will make significantly more money, or do you lack the volunteer work to back up the 'perfect GPAs'. Also mildly disturbing that the four of you apparently tackle every venture in life together.


First semi-intelligent reply. Congrats

In Canada, doctors do not make ridiculous amounts of money. In fact, the pay-off is mediocre when you consider the studies, and the ridiculous hours that have to be put in. Let's not forget about the stress that comes with it. I'm not saying starting a business is a piece of cake; in fact, we are looking for a challenge, that's all.


Serious response - read a book on entrepeneurship before even considering entering a business venture, especially with 3 partners involved. I recommend "The E-Myth".


I live in Canada I am aware. That is why you get your M.D. here for cheaper than in the states and then go to practice down there and make large sums of money. If you are looking for a challenge then you should still probably go with med school if that is legitimately a viable option. If you think starting a business is less of challenge you are wrong, however it is much more of a risk.

As I was growing up I watched my dad build a very profitable business, he is currently shopping for a ferrari which should say enough since I don't want to talk numbers. He is a smart dude and a hard worker, he still has the highest marks anyone has ever received for their MBA for the university he studied at (not naming institution as this is something you can look up). However, while he is making large sums of money in the time it took him to build this business post MBA if he had gone to med school and moved down south he'd be making similar pay with fewer hours per week.

That is anecdotal however I just want to point out that starting a business, if you want to do it right, is by no means easier than med school but is more risky. If you want to call my response 'semi-intelligent' I suggest responding in a similar manner minus the condescending tone.


Have you ever thought of making motivational posters?

Tell midlife crisis I say hi!


Strong points, thats what I was hoping to get by starting this thread.



Fuckin' college kids. Alright, I have some ideas.

How much start up cash do you guys have?


To the four of us, we a little over 110K. We realise that this isn't alot, but we are looking at something small, and may be looking towards investors.


Start a gourmet pastries/chocolatier shop with half, down the road start a dialysis clinic with the other half.

The sweets shop doesn't have to even turn a profit. Just keep pumping that shit out to the public. You'll get it back on the flipside when your customers become diabetic and their kidneys start failing. When that happens, start a secondary services division that installs fistulas and stuff.

You will be raking it in in no time.


sky that was awesome!! thumbs up to you




Thanks guys! In another life I probably would have been a pretty good business man.


1 )Start a supplement company known as "BioExam" or "BioPopQuiz"

2 )Rip off products of other successful companies

3 )????

4 )Profit