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Health Benefits of IF vs Cortisol Problems of Type 3's

I am interested in the many health benefits of IF, but I am also a Type 3. Do you think the major cortisol issues outweigh any health benefits of IF, or is intermittent fasting still doable for a Type 3? Thank you for your time.

I wouldn’t really recommend the 16:8 (or similar) intermittent fasting for a type 3. BUT the 5:2 protocol (what Paul Carter and I have called Primer 52, a system we developped) could work well. It has two days of 24h fasting (you only have one meel, late ,around 8-9pm). This is a day to increase AMPK as much as possible and trigger autophagy (and many other health benefits).

I won’t explain the whole complexity of the system here, but here is a graphic to get you started if you are interested.

YES there will be a higher cortisol output on the fasting days but there will be a great anabolic rebound the next days.


Thank you!

Should I try to apply this 5/2 fasting template with the undulating periodization program? or are there better nutrition strategies throughout the different phases?

M-high carb high pro lift
T-low carb 30-50g mod pro lift
W-low carb 30-50g low pro lift
Th-fast cardio
F- high carb high pro lift
S-low carb 50-75g mod pro lift
Su-fast cardio

How do you manipulate your fats in the original Primer 52?

As explained in the graphic, the training is adapted to the type of diet:

Fasting/AMPK days = energy systems work, mobility, meditation
Higher carbs/high protein/mTOR days = hypertrophy work
Lower carb days = strength or power work

The 5th training day can be “anything else”… sprints, hard conditioning, a WOD, working on weaknesses, playing sports, etc.and the diet can either be higher carbs (if your main goal is building muscle) or low carbs (if your main goal is losing fat).

Ok I understand. I’m having success doing the 2a version of undulating periodization from Thibarmy, so I’m going to stick it out. I was getting that 2a itch to make changes. I’m finishing week 6 so next week I will change reps. Then two weeks later I will change all the excersizes for the next 8 weeks. Been going quite well I just liked the idea of cycling protein and carbs as it’s something I’ve never really tried. I’m usually high protein low carb everyday.