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Health and the Anabolic Diet

I have used the Anabolic Diet for years for fat loss. It has always worked great. This year, I am planing on following the mass plan described in the original book to gain size from September to April. My worry is the effect on my health. I take a multi. I use Greens Plus and 8 TBSP. (4 Flax & 4 Fish oil) each day along with vegetables and alot of cheese and red meat.

Recently, I saw a post by someone recommending the use of a supplement with an ORAC value of over 8000 to offset any adverse health effects of this diet (acidosis etc.). I am new to ORAC value, but I thought it was an interesting post albeit possibly subjective. Can anyone comment on this ORAC value and it’s relation to something like the Anabolic Diet or any other opinions on how to stay healthy on this thing? Greens Plus offers a 2400 ORAC value per serving. To achieve the 8000 value suggested, I would need 3 servings a day. Very expensive. Thanks for any help.