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Health and Resveratrol


Been awhile since I’ve posted. Interesting article. Just a bit more proof.

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Resveratrol is a great, great supplement. I’ve been purchasing REZ-V now for quite sometime and would not be without it. My doctor does blood work on me about once per year and always asks me what I take because for my age he says my T levels are off the charts high. Granted it’s not just REZ-V that is doing it. I also eat quite a lot of cruciferous vegetables and always get 8 hours of sleep per night. I also avoid junk food. But still I can’t help but think that based on the latest research REZ-V has a great deal to do with pumping up my T levels and lowering my Estradiol.

Some may think that $24 is a lot of money for a bottle of REZ-V. But, I always look at it as being proactive instead of reactive. What happens when your T levels plummet and your E goes sky high? The typical lifter seeks out a doctor that will give them injections. So why not go natural for as long as you can? It’s cheaper and much easier to keep your hormones at the proper levels than to go back and try to fix them once they are out of balance.

Good article above but I’m not surprised! Resveratrol is a gift that just keeps on giving in so many ways!

Yeah It is pricey. I cycle on and off of it and use curcumin on the other months etc. I try to view it as a preventative, on top of lifiting and trying to eat healthy. I think in the long term its fairly cheap trade off. If you view it like Pascals wager, its a small pay out for a potentially large kick back. But time will tell.

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