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Healing With Anabolics?


Does anyone know if AS or HGH could help a healing surgery on rotator cuff?


Both would be good. Young persons with high GH&T heal quickly from surgeries and sprains. Old people with low GH&T do not. The rotator cuff is group of muscles and increased T levels would help with recovery of the muscles.

Some would consider IGF-1 or hexarelin as alternatives to GH, certainly easier to get and not scheduled drugs.

The relative benefit should be greater for older persons than younger.


Also when would you begin administration? (If the arm is going to be in a sling for a few weeks before rehab)


...also which are best for healing tendons?

I was reading where horses take EQ for injury recovery.


deca helps me a ton as it helps lubricates the joints


I have a full thickness tear in the supranatis in my right shoulder. I was scheduled for surgery last November. I was diagnosed in April.

What I did:

  • No pressing movements
  • Added 2 ius of GH, ED and 300 mg of Deca a week and some test.
  • Added in Knox Gelatine and USP cissus

After a month the pain went a way, even when was sleeping and would rollover.

After 6 months I thought IU would test it, keep in mind benching a 45 lb bar was intolerable, picked up some dumbells, no pain.

Loaded a bar to 135 no pain, 185 no pain, 225 no pain.

Went to the doc and he said, if it doesn't hurt don't fix it until it does.

Now, I still feel some weakness when benching over 225, but it doesn't linger or hurt.

I think what happened is the growth and deca helped support the other muscles for the RC and did whatever healing it could.

I continued to deadlift and squat throughout, just no upper body work.

I hated the whole idea of RC surgery, it seemed like the cure was were than the tear as far as recovery goes.

Anyway good luck to you.....


One of my judo team-mates had fucked up his back so bad that he wasn't able to do anything, no sparring, no weightlifting, no running, no nothing. Doctors said he'd have to get operated on. A cycle of deca fixed him up and now he's stronger than before his injuries. Convinced me.


Was he still 100% after the cycle? Many injuries tend to resurface afterwards.


I did something similar with Knox Gelatine, 80mcg/day IGF-1 LR3, 400mg deca and 600mg test/week, with similar results. I can do anything upper-body without pain except certain pressing movements. If I overhead press over 185 or bench over 285 I have some lagging soreness, but it passes quickly. I figure surgery would create more lasting problems than I'd like to deal with, but I've still been debating it as it's limiting my strength and work capacity.


I'll second that. Along with hgh, ZMA, fish oils and of course Test itself.

Then again, the body does still just need time to heal post surgery too


Test isnt going to 'heal' tendons or joints. Neither will Eq.

Deca will lube them a bit, but then again your arm is in a sling and you wont need lubing in the short term.

My Dad recently had the same surgery and as long as its only a ligament or tendon injury HGH is perfect. Later on you could add aas, but its not necessary.


So far, he's in better shape than before. Maybe it's just good genetics, but I doubt it. His back had just taken so much abuse over the years, competing at a national level, that he had to stop doing everything. He couldn't even ride his bicycle. Now he's kicking the crap out of us. He only did one cycle and it was early last year, so that's like a year and a half ago.

Seeing those results turned me on to using AAS for myself. My injuries weren't as severe, mostly repetitive stuff and not healing fast enough, but I could see myself getting there in a few more years.


i thought i read somewhere that deca is unique in that it increases chondrocyte growth by 150% ?