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Healing Tendinitis with BPC-157 and TB-500


I have had some ongoing issues with tendinitis over the years and it has gotten to a point where my quality of life is being negatively affected. Medical professionals have failed me so I have decided to try BPC-157 and TB-500. I have also decided that I would blog here and hope that it may help others. There is a tl;dr at the bottom J

My situation:

I am in my early 30’s. In the last few years I have squatted and deadlifted around 500-550 pounds and I had an in competition bench of 405 at 220lbs. I have been between 230-240lbs over the past 14 years with my biggest being 230lbs at ~8% bf. I do not compete in bodybuilding, I just do it as a hobby. Throughout the past 8 years or so of heavy lifting I have always had bouts of painful and debilitating tendinitis. Flare-ups would usually be caused by heavy back squats and heavy deadlifts. Ice, heat, and rest usually healed it within a few days.

Unfortunately, the past two years I have had no improvement to these flare-ups. It has gotten so bad that my once 21” arms are now a measly 17”. My one bicep has receded up my arm an entire inch. My shoulder and pec are also slowly dwindling away. I can no longer back squat or deadlift. My beloved “arm days” are now a thing of the past. I get an incredible pump, but within 24 hours my bicep will measure slightly smaller. Medical professionals have failed me and have offered no real solution other than to quit playing competitive sports and to quit lifting weights.

As I am writing this, I feel the ache in my elbow. Just lightly contracting my bicep to make a curling motion is incredibly painful. The pain radiates throughout my entire joint, into my bicep, and into my shoulder.

Training and diet throughout this healing cycle:
I will be lowering my caloric intake to 2,000 calories a day. I will refrain from eating a single gram of processed sugar. Fruits, veggies, rice, and chicken – that’s it. Water will be a focus during the day as well as 6-8 hours of quality sleep at night. My goal will not only healing but to finally get back under 200lbs. 14 years of being big has finally come to an end lol.

  • Cardio
    • Monday-Friday 30 minutes bike/jog
  • Weightlifting
    • Legs Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
    • No upper body workouts


I will be injecting the BPC-157 twice a day in various locations around my injured elbow and bicep. I will be injecting the TB-500 into my belly. Both injections will be subcutaneous. To those interested, I am also on a TRT (100mg 2x/wk) and take HCG (250iu 2x/wk).

  • Weeks 1-2
    • BPC-157 250mcg 2x/day
  • TB-500 2mg Mon/Tues/Wed
    • Weeks 3-4
  • BPC-157 250mcg 2x/day
    • TB-500 2mg Monday/Thurs
  • Weeks 5-6
    • TB-500 2mg Monday


My elbow really hurts and I cannot do shit anymore. Taking BPC-157 and TB-500 for 6 weeks and am tracking the progress here

Interesting, I’ll be following along as I have my own tendonopathies. How did you select these two compounds and can I assume your source is an UGL?

Welcome to the forum. I have no experience with Thymosin Beta-4 but I do have with BPC-157.
I had severe tendinitis in my brachioradialis from too many hammer curls. My forearms have alway been slow to grow so last January I decided to do hammer curls until my arms fell off. They were not going to win. Needless to say about 6 months of that and my brachioradialis were screaming in pain 24/7.
I uses Ben Greenfields website to get smart and went from there. I injected 300mcg subQ in each arm every evening before bed right above the area with the most pain. I used a large plastic clip to pinch up a wad of skin to inject into always watching for blood vessels. It took about 2 months but one day the pain was just gone. I continue the injections for another month then quit. I am still doing hammer curls twice a week hard and I have no pain.

Every once in a while I will try a new forearm exersize and get some soreness I’ll do two shots for two days and the pain is gone. It really is a flipping miracle drug.

Best of luck on your treatments.
Question, do you know you IGF-1 lvl? Having a high IGF-1 will increase GH release when you sleep this should speed up healing.

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You should try to figure out what is actually causing the pain in the first place. Regular doctors are usually useless for stuff like this. It could be tendinitis, but it could also be referred pain from some other muscle/nerve issue. These drugs might help in the short term, but if you keep aggravating whatever the source of pain is then it’s not going to help.

There are guys with chronic tendinitis that are taking all sorts of drugs and working with professionals, Kevin Oak and Charly Joung come to mind, if injecting two more drugs would fix their problem they would have done that a long time ago.

Do you squat low bar? That is a common source or arm/shoulder pain. Once you start having those issues, even high bar can aggravate it. It would be a good idea to stop all back squatting with a straight bar for now, use a safety squat bar, cambered bar, or do front squats instead.

CBD oil might help too, I had some tricep tendinitis a while back and CBD oil helped deal with that. It’s not a miracle drug, but especially in the hours after you take it the pain will be much less if not completely gone.

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I’ve always wanted to try this for pain, but CBD is a controlled substance here (for god knows what reason). On the BM CBD products exist, but they’re always mixed with Tetrahydrocannabinol.

Probably works well for pain, but I don’t want to walk around all the time wondering whether I’m 1.5 percent potato after consuming 2.4 pounds of potatoes.

There is a lot of head shop etc here that sell cbd oil that has trace amounts of thc in it. They are usually cheap products that aren’t very pure or effective.

I have heard a lot of places won’t ship to Australia due to yalls extremely efficient customs officers but there is def legit sites to buy 99% pure cbd it’s not cheap tho it can easily run 100$ or more for a months worth.

International shipping likely won’t get through here. I reckon give or take a few years marijuana will be legalised in Aus recreationally (given they’re currently pretty relaxed about it and there are currently plans to do so). If this happens CBD/no THC products will be available.

I like the psychoactive component of marijuana, but it isn’t something that is feasible to use during… Any time when I have responsibilities lol, so school time = no, work = no, driving = NO, vacation = yes, holidays = yes.

Then there the other problem… It’s simply bad for you, esp the younger you are, while literature does show the risks decrease dramatically if use starts after the age of 17, brain development (prefrontal cortex specifically) continues til age 25. The risks aren’t properly understood, and the complex nature of cannabis (the amount of unique chemicals in cannabis is ridiculous) and the lack of research we have is a problem, as we have no idea which chemicals do what (well we know the main psychoactive component is THC), however with greater understanding on cannabinoids and whatnot we can understand why some types make people paranoid, why some people acquire and/or speed up development of psychosis from the drug.

I don’t know if CBD is good for you, it might not be, who is to say (granted I haven’t done extensive research on this, all I know is it’s one of the cannabinoids present in marijuana).

If it wasn’t a schedule I drug (S9) here, much more research could be done and we’d have a better and more accurate understanding of the risks, benefits and potential medicinal benefits the drug has.

I’ve seen pure CBD crystals for sale online (not shipped to Aus), method of use is inhalation, I’m unsure what the byproducts of smoke emitted from the combustion of crystallised CBD is, but rest assured I HIGHLY doubt it’s good for you.

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This can be said for a lot of drugs even caffeine I believe

Im a huge proponent for the use of medical Marijuana and for recreational use as well. Altho myself I personally don’t smoke very much anymore mainly because it doesn’t fit into my schedule well.

When it comes to the risk/benefits of medical use I believe a lot of the drugs that the use of cdb can replace is a whole lot less harmful to people then the drugs big pharma is peddling. When my son is born if there is something I can treat with the use of cdb oil effectively rather than some big pharma drug that has a laundry list of possible side effects I gladly will.

But I agree we don’t fully know all the risk involved with the use of cdb and thc for medicinal purposes. But there is no denying they are effective. It’s important to remember too big pharma is gonna make it as hard as possible for the main stream use of Marijuana to be accepted due to the potential loss of billions of dollars. We can grow Marijuana in our house we can’t grow Xanax, Valium, zoloft, Prozac, or lyrica

For me this was poison (was prescribed it for chronic pain). Turned me into a walking zombie, couldn’t remember simple things like where to sit in class, people’s names etc. I knew it was happening to me too, yet there was nothing I could do as I was adamantly told to use the drugs (my family in a nutshell is extremely against the use of marijuana), I only found out half of what I was taught was BS by trying it myself…

I’d use it more often (because it’s fun, calms me down and relieves/ completely eliminates my anxiety), however I know it’s likely harmful, it’s illigal, like you said isn’t practical to use often based on scheduling and I don’t want to degrade into a pothead. I guess some of my families fear mongering has rubbed off on me.

Even on days where I have absolutely nothing to do I still choose not to indulge due to fears of the harmful effects it could have on me. That being said, I still do it on irregular occasions because I tend to be rather irresponsible (but tend to plan these occasions out well in advance because I plan lots of things out in advance because I’m strange like that)

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If you aren’t going to address the cause of your problem then anything you do is useless because once you stop taking whatever, you will be right back where you started. But hey, it’s your life.

I don’t think you can get 100% pure CBD, even from the government website here it has some trace amounts of THC but it’s next to nothing, it won’t get you high and even if you were to be tested for drugs you wouldn’t test positive because it’s such a small amount. I’m willing to bet that if you looked around you could find some that has next to no THC.

CBD does make you a bit drowsy, like an hour or so after you take it, but it’s not like being high, you just feel a little sleepy and it also makes you sleep real good. For that reason, when I was taking it I only took it shortly before bed but I also hear of other people talking it before the gym to minimize pain in whatever they will be training. If you take a good amount of caffeine with it you should be fine, the drowsiness is not anything severe anyway.

As far as side effects, it looks like there is basically nothing to be concerned about. I heard some people felt nauseous from taking the oil orally, it’s probably in their heads more than anything.

By the way, the oil that I took was supposed to be taken sublingually, I also took pills that I got from an illegal store before the cops shut all of those down. I think they are both more or less equally effective. Unless you are into smoking I wouldn’t bother with any sort of inhalable form. You could just get high-CBD weed if that was the case.

He’s not hijacking anything and he’s not being condescending. He’s offering advice that could potentially help your situation and pointing out factors you may have missed.

If your intention was simply to log your progress with your current course of action, that’s fine. But understand that discussing the logic behind your decision is a valid issue to address. Having a hissy fit and editing/deleting your posts is irrational and will not be allowed.

It seems like you’re not so much lookin4heals but Lookin2UsePeptideAndSeeIfTheyHelp. That’s your call and I hope it works, but you don’t start a public discussion and then say “… but I’m not gonna talk about that.” It’s not how forums work.

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Listen, asshole, all I was trying to do is give you some useful advice on how to fix your problem. What you said here:

Is stupid.

And if you don’t like people discussing related topics that come up like CBD then maybe don’t post in a public forum.

I wonder if there is any peptides out that help fucked up attitudes.

I had a bad tendon tear that wasn’t operable. Got on the stuff for 8 or so weeks while working strength exercises for the area and one day woke up to zero pain. No issues since.

It worked for me, and believe it is truly a miracle drug.

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Interested to hear how it goes heard great things about those compounds.

…er yeah, i’d work on this.
These especially voodoo flossing can really help also…

Yea but both CBD and THC are controlled substances here, thus they can’t be sold OTC, leaving the only option to be the black market. The black market (domestically, both on the darknet and in person) unfortunately doesn’t sell near PURE CBD products, it’s always a mix of CBD/THC like 1:1 or 1:2 CBD to THC. I’ve tried supposed high CBD weed once (I don’t buy into the strain BS, however I do admit the cannabinoid profiles can differ from strain to strain), however the supposed “high cbd” stuff I tried (keep in mind this wasn’t by myself nor was it for pain, it was recreational because I’m an idiot sometimes) it (supposedly) had relatively low levels of THC and high levels of CBD in it, anecdotally it was great for pain, but still made me feel super happy, drowsiness did occur though, using that for pain certainly isn’t an option. (Still made me inebriated)

I’ll have to wait until it’s legal here (I imagine within three years), then I reckon CBD / minimal to no THC stuff will be sold OTC.

Would rather use non pharmaceutical methods for pain anyway. That and my pain isn’t particularly bad anymore, tis bearable, thus I just deal with it ya know

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Hey, How are you going with the peptides?

Did nothing for me. My TENS unit gave me more relief.