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Healing Legit withTB-500+BPC-157? Deca, GH?

I cannot go the Deca/NPP route, but am curious with what seems to be a lot of studies on BPC-157 why the medical community is not jumping on board? BPC-157 and TB-500 seem to have promise, and other forums and this one people seem to get results. The trickiest part seems to be who to trust to get a supplier that manufactures, stores and ships a quality product that is actually going to be what it says it is.

HGH I have read on the forums people healing from surgery quicker, muscle tears, and connective tissue injuries. I’ve read articles about doctors operating on NFL guys and filling the joint area with mega dose HGH after surgeries and those guys healing up super fast too.

Deca/NPP the forums seem to have enough bros who believes it helps joint pain and healing…and most of us have probably seen the “research article” that no one really knows where it came from saying very specific percentages of how Deca, Primo, Var, and Eq heal connective tissue. Has anyone ever found the real source if any behind those claims?

I am curious the TB-500 and BPC-157 seem promising and harmless for nagging injuries based on logs on forums. For whatever reason the past few years, possibly due to my overall health taking a somewhat dive, my shoulders, elbows, wrists, ankles and connective tissue around those joints can go through irritating periods. Ice and rest help a little, but not tremendously. Plus who wants to stop training?!?! If my elbows are hurting (possible tennis elbow (outside pain) and golfers elbow (inside pain) and I cannot do OL or pulling, it drives me bat crazy.

Plus I have to stop doing carries and farmers walks too which are money maker conditioning as far as I am concerned. Tennis/Golfers elbow seems to be one of the most frustrating issues to deal with.

Thanks…just curious. I went to an ortho a few months back and asked about TB-500 and BPC-157 and he had no clue, but they did have prolotherapy, PRP, stem cell and other progressive options it seems…but it freaking seems like there is more research on BPC-157 than there is some of those methods!! Why not BPC-157 offered?