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Healing Injuries

I manged to get my mom to come train with me at the gym. I’ve got her eating MUCH cleaner and keeping notes on everything. We had planned on lifting 3 days a week and her going on walks on her own (she lives about 40 mins. away). Anyway we got started great but yesterday morning she got into a small car wreck. Nothing too serious but man she is really bruised up pretty good! We went ahead and did a bit of a leg workout today but it was limited to extensions, squats with body weight (she does weigh 250), calf raises and hamstring curls. Unfortunately that is just about every exercise I can think of that she could handle. The two things I am wondering are-

  1. Can anyone recommend any supplements to help speed recovery? I have her taking lots of C and plenty of Zinc. (I guess Deca is out)
  2. I know there are concerns about too much cardio but wouldn’t two extra days of higher intensity cardio along with 1 leg day and her 3 walks be better than nothing on those two days.
    Any suggestions? Thanks!


If she is suffering from soft tissue injuries DMSO is a good bet. Works wonders, just make sure you are applying pharma. quality, should be at 70% DMSO in sterile solution (water). Label usually reads ‘99% Pure…’ Make sure she applies it to an area larger than where ‘it hurts’ and rubs it in using a circular motion (Hands and area applied to need to be clean prior to application). 2-3 days is all it has taken me in the past to get over some real nasty soft tissue injuries (The kind with pretty purple and green colors along with significant swelling). Jack

Thanks Bro!