Healing Broken Bones

Are there any nutrition or therapy tips/tricks to accelerate the healing of broken bones?

I boroke a bone in my left hand, just behind the knuckle. Currently the doc has it immobilized in a splint.


I have a broken Scaphoid bone in my wrist which is a notoriously slow healer (and mine is healing slowly - I broke it in Jan!).

I am currently trying some homeopathic tablets - Ruta Grav, Calc. phos and Symphytum. I’m afraid I can’t say how well they work as I’m going back for an x-ray in 2 weeks so do not know yet. I found out about them after doing various searches on the web to see if there was anything I could take to help recovery.

I’m also taking MSM tablets and general Vit/Min tablet.

Good luck

I know Atriedes broke his leg recently and there were some posts in the Over35 forum that might have some info… Good luck!

Thanks Jilly!