Healing a strained back....

Anyone know how to speed up a strained muscle? I strained my upperback 3 weeks ago and it is still bothering me. Any supp.'s that can help? Thanks a lot.


if it’s been 3 weeks and it’s still hurting, there is a possibility you pulled ligamets, which take more like 6 weeks to 3 months to heal completely(no pain).

Please, any suggestions are appreciated. Should I lower my weights for a while or cut out lifting all together? Any other secrets to speed healing? Not being able to lift like I want to is VERY frustrating, as you guys can probably imagine. Thanks in advance.

Ibuprofen seems to take the edge off my aches and pains, it’s also an anti-inflammatory, double the adult dosage.

you just have to move without putting any real load on the muscles.

Basically, you are training on feel, you need to be very very aware of what body positions put you in pain and avoid those positions when you are lifting weight like the plague.

Once the pain is gone, slowly start increasing poundages and moving throught those positions that used to hurt.

As for outright healing, inuprofen(as suggested) for comfort as well as outright healing(becuase healing isn’t happening until swelling is gone).

Additionaly, you should do chryotherapy per Charles Staleys recommendations. That is essentially, ice the effected are(stay away from joints) and move the muscle after stretching it(to get the blood flowing and reduce stiffness).

Try and due this a few times a day.

Do you live in Canada?

Physiotherapy is free for the first 8 treatments per year. $40 thereafter.