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Heads Up


I've heard from a fairly reliable source that there is a source in Tennessee (HCP) that has been busted and not only is he co-operating with authorities but he has saved all the info on previous customers and is turning it over to them.





Hi Anthony

Firstly i wanted to thank you for contributing on this forum. I find your opinion interesting and certainly stimulating to investigate things further.

Saying that, if you just say something like incorrect or two word answer, then it leaves the rest of us in kinda limbo. If you could elaborate a bit more on your answers so that we(mere mortals) could get on the same page, i think it would greatly benefit us.

Please don't take this as a personal attack, but i think you could educate people a bit more. After all you seem to be the guy in the know.



As far as I have gathered:

The guy believed to be busted in Tennessee was not the lab it was originally stated to be in the original post.

My sources are, as you can imagine- very reliable.