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Heads Up


1: You will lose all your teeth unless you clean your nasty ass mouth every day and often more than that.

2: Old Navy has everything sold on line 25% off today ONLY.

3: You stink and you look funny.

This has been a message from X-Enterprises, the leader in random useless information, cynicism, sarcasm, and rubbing nice, soft, round asses.

Have a great day.


Addition: Apparently, hormone therapy for women kills:

But I bet we won't be seeing any of this banned.


I think my dentist is doing shit to fuck up my teeth on purpose.

I've never had more problems since switching to my wife's dentist.


Honestly, if you feel that way then find someone you trust. I make it very clear what my philosophy is. I tell my patients why this tooth needs that restoration. All may not be able to follow exactly what is going on, but they should be able to understand that I'm not making up problems.

As a patient, it is YOUR job to fully understand what is being done and why. That means ask questions.

What I see often (and I hate) is people logging in after seeing a doctor and saying things like, "I don't know why he said this". You shouldn't have left the office with questions like that.


I think the bastard is "nicking" the teeth around the one he is fixing. he fixed a tooth I've had problems with for the last 15 years, and now I have an issue in the tooth next to it?

I swear he made shit up on my wife too. Root canal, to pulled, and now implant in a year. She had never had a cavity before.

Just strikes me as funny: economy shit the bed, my wife's teeth fall apart, mine do too, and then he moves to a fancy new office...

lol, I'm a paranoid person though.


But what about that sale at Old Navy!!!????

LOL, people always need their teeth fixed whether the economy tanks or not. That is the one cool thing about health care fields.


What kind of root did he use on her? Like a carrot, or beet, or like a root from a might oak tree?

You gots one creative dentist. Hope your wife's pooper is feeling better.


Why would anyone want to dress like and old sailor, no matter how cheap it can be done, matey?


Why is my shirt always untucked when I wake up at the dentist office?



I don't know about that, but maybe you could buy some shorts and a shirt for that guy in your avatar so he doesn't have to curl in his underwear?


Maybe because their moisture wicking shirts are about the same quality as those sold by Under Armour but with this sale are going for only 7 bucks a piece?

This where I get a lot of my workout gear. Their shorts are decent too.


I just visited the dentist for the first time in over 10 years. They wanted to x-ray my mouth and I told them it's not necessary, as I have no issues. They were adamant and I finally gave in. And as I had already known, it wasn't necessary. The dentist and hygienist were both amazed at my awesome teeth and told me I had the mouth of a 15 year old. They were amazed at my gum health and whiteness of my teeth. I told them I'm an obsessive flosser and often rinse with peroxide after brushing 2x per day.

Old Navy has shitty styles for the past 2 years.

I agree I look funny, but I don't stink... usually.


Wait, what? Really? Shit, looks like I'm going to Old Navy...


You rinse with peroxide?

I didn't know people actually did that. I thought it was a wive's tale.


I still find it awesome that you're a dentist. I wish my dentist lifted weights and pwned people on a bodybuilding forum.


Wives tales also include brushing your teeth 2x a day and flossing your teeth.


My idiot friend with absolutely no qualification to be making statements like this said that practice will mess up the natural 'fauna' of your mouthal bacteria.

Or was it flora? I can never remember.


Are you sure they weren't insulting you?


I got one of those flossers on a stick (with replaceable heads) and it changed my flossing life. I now no longer hate/put off flossing.


Most people I know just use Listerine or a fluoride mouthwash. Who the heck uses peroxide besides ID? Seriously.