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Head's-Up: EDT Book Special Will End Soon!

Hey guys & gals…just a quick FYI… my new EDT Book (The Ultimate Guide To Massive Arms) is at the printers and the current 5 bucks-off special will end any day now…the second I hear from the printer that we’re ready to ship, the deal is off. I just wanted everyone here to have early-notice…go to EDTSecrets.com for info.


Just wanted to add that I got a sneak preview of this book (I wrote the foreword to it) and it’s worth picking up, even if you’ve read all the EDT stuff here at T-mag. Lots of interesting non-EDT chapters. Last time I looked at the site, Charles was offering some free stuff with pre-orders, too. So as a sort of sneak preview of the next “Stuff We Like” column, this book is getting a thumbs up.