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Headphones of Steel?


I like to turn up the iPod volume when I back squat.

Unforunately, my headphones don't like high-volume bass as much as I do; they tend to bite the dust after a month or two.

Does anyone know a cheap brand of headphones that can take high-volume bass without getting messed up? Concert-like sound quality is not an issue here..


I have been using the same Sony behind the head wrap arounds for about 2 years now. I may buy a new pair simply because these are old as hell, but they still work great. They handle bass just fine. If cheap won't last, why buy it?


First off, keep in mind that repeated listening to high-volume music will damage any ear. Especially on headphones, people tend to not estimate correctly the volume and crank it up way beyond what the ear can handle.
This is not an urban myth. Just look at the older rock stars (a la Mick Jagger) - most of them are half-deaf.

So, blowing up phones because of the volume is a sure sign that your ear's sensitivity is currently decreasing at an accelerated pace.

Anyway, if you still want to purchase better phones, it might be worth noticing that a good phone may require less volume to provide the same experience. Have a look here:


It's an on-line store with pretty competent reviews. You can learn a few things about phones just by reading the descriptions on that site.
In general, their reviews were dead-on with my own experiences with different kinds of phones.

Now to answer your question specifically:
In the "In-Ear-Monitor" category, look at the Etymotic ER-6i. These are very good quality phones that sound as good as high-end audiophile speakers. They're pretty sturdy too, I know people who use them while riding motorcycles in rain, cold weather and whatnot and crank the volume way up. They also isolate you from ambiant noise very well, better than many earplugs.

Or just make your own choice. Browse the site, read the reviews, see the "Selection Guide", etc.
See if you can find a store nearby that carries many different types of phones - try them on and make your own informed decision.


I think it is a given that the next 2 or 3 generations to hit their 60's will simply not be able to hear at all. The first one to design a hearing aid that matches the color pink and pops your collar for you will be a rich man.


Great site. I got a great little pair of headphones there a few years ago, but they no longer make them. You can email the site for help and they will give you a detailed response.


All men play on 10.


But these go to 11.


Mine goes to 30. Bitches.



Mine go to infinity + 1. I win, now you can all go home and cry to your mummies that your headphones are not as good as mine.


I had a pair of Sennheiser in-ear phones for 3 years. They cost €7. And they handled everything well.

Must go out and get another pair.


I have a pair of Shure E4 in-ear monitorsthat I use with my ipod. They are "noise isolating," meaning they block outside noise fairly well, which then allows you to run them at a much lower volume.


I picked up some Sony Fontopia headphones, they're alright, but I had to use different sizes in each ear, they come with 3 different sizes, and they don't fit too great. I'd have to agree with Prof X about wrap arounds, they work great and last a long time, mine just got too wet with sweat over time, other than that they should last years


I wonder how many people got this reference. A line from one of the smartest and funniest movies ever.

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The ones that go in the canal (true earbuds) offer a great deal of bass, sound and isolation. I bought a pair of Sony's and they work great. I dont hear a peep.


Personally, I don't like the wrap around style in the gym. I find that they are uncomfortable and move around when perform any exercise lying down on a bench.



Personally, I don't like the wrap around style in the gym. I find that they are uncomfortable and move around when perform any exercise lying down on a bench.



Thanks for the replies, everyone.


i know some that are good
get some $30 koss headphones... i forgot which model, but for $30 there awesome.

i put down $100 on Alessandro Ms-1 headphones ( best headphones for under $130 according to most audiophiles ) and there so awesome. I love listening to children of bodom on them, amazing...