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Headless Torsos

I’m curious. What’s with the paranoia about posting a picture of yourself in the Photo Forum that actually includes your face in it? Number one, if you have any kind of a sculpted physique, and claim to be, oh over the age of thirty, or that you’ve only been training for two years, there is a whole pack of salivating wolves ready to pounce on you and tear your chiseled torso into strips of beef jerky. “You lifted that photo from last months GQ – show your face, liar!!!” they’ll scream.

Number two, do you really think that some deranged psycho is actually going to look at your picture, see your face, and become so enraged, or so infatuated, that they’ll put that face together with your “name” – Pqd3jobey – and hunt you down in your home town to either kill you, or worse yet, rape you?

Or are you afraid that Johnny Lunchbucket in the cubicle next to you is going to suddenly shout “Jesus Christ, Bif, I didn’t realize you were such a fat fuck!” when he stumbles across your photo while perusing T-Mag? Come on! Show some sack, quit setting yourself up for ridicule from the wolves, and post a real photo. I know if I can whittle away enough fat from this here frame, I’ll be posting a photo in the spring, and I’ll actually have the audacity to gasp post one that includes my ugly mug.

In many cases, I believe it is because individuals have openly admitted using AAS, and they’d prefer to not be recognized by anyone that they know.

Yeah, in those cases, Eric, I can see the point. But I’m addressing guys like George J (the awesome abs guy), Reverse, Stan the 51 year old, michael a., Jereme, Michael Anderson, etc. Guys that seem to pop in, post their picture, and haven’t (at least to my knowledge) ever mentioned using AAS.

Some even choose to post in a disquise.

There are several reasons, though, why people may choose to keep their faces out of the photo section. One is what Eric mentioned, about admitted steroid use. Also, for anyone that might use & tell in the future, having your picture preserved for posterity online might not be a good thing.

Though it may seem unlikely that someone will stalk you from posting an online pic, I have seen worse things occur. And anyone who has been stalked or knows someone who has been understands how dangerous that can be. Plus, you never know where the picture may end up. Privacy is important to some people, and I completely understand why many would not be inclined to post their faces.

Oh my God, is Elvis wearing the infamous Camel Toe Cup?!

Privacy is a very valuable commodity these days, and it’s getting harder an harder to come by. If you want to try something interesting, go to google.com and type in your name or the names of a couple people that you know in this format - “John Smith” - and see what sort of interesting things come up. Besides in these days of photoshop, some mbe disciple might hijack your face and plaster it all over the internet.

Actually mamann, go to google and run your t-mag name and then filter the results for t-mag. You’ll get a half dozen hits on topics that you posted here in the past.

You said Besides in these days of photoshop, some mbe disciple might hijack your face and plaster it all over the internet.

Yeah, you’re right, I forgot ole’ MBE is lurking around these sites! :slight_smile: And as long as he attaches it to someone like Arnie’s body, it’s all good!

Come on, guys! I realize that virtually anyone could be tracked down (I did type “mamann” into Google, HB…pretty cool, and a little scary from a “Big Brother” standpoint), but really, I feel the likelihood of someone actually making the effort and taking the time and expense to locate me because they saw my face in T-Mag is extremely remote.

I mean, take TC for example. He says some pretty outrageous things (and hilarious, I might add), and his photo is right at the top of his column! I don’t think he walks in fear of being stalked and possibly killed.

And, as an example, look at the gazillions of BFL competitors and champions that have their bodies and faces plastered all over books, the internet, advertisements, etc. Shout out to Joel – do you live in fear? Actually, that’s a good question to pose to him. I found his photo simply by typing in “BFL Champions, 2000”.

I do understand your points and that the potential for danger is out there, but it’s just not a concern to me. Maybe I’m just naive.

Tell you what. When I post my body and grill photo at T-Mag, and you suddenly stop seeing my posts, call 911.

A bit off-topic here, but what is the motivation for people to just post their photo on the photo forum and not participate in any non-photo thread?

That last question from Jared is pretty interresting… I’ve been wondering myself. I thought the idea of posting a pic was to establish a little credibility to your advice.

Ill agree with Jared on that one…

It seems as if people you’ve never even heard of before come, post their pic, to get pats on the back, flames or whatever, and you’ve never hear from them again…what is the point?

Matter of fact, it seems as if the majority of pic-posters are like that.

good point…

Any flaming I’ve done about pics on the photo forum has been about the only-post-photos crowd. The motivation to post like that escapes me, and the interest in it escapes me somewhat as well, unless the poster is willing to expound on their training or anything else.