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Headhunter's Son?


Headhunter, is this your son?



Do you think he would give his son a fleshlight?


If I am not mistaken his son is at Annapolis, doing something with his life that is better then anything you will ever do.


He'll be there Juiy 1st and I am very proud of him! His goal is to be an officer in the USMC.

And I doubt he'll have a fleshlight --- the Detailers will see to that! :wink:

(Detailers are the upperclassmen assigned to check all the details on the newbies, called Plebes.)


Agreed. My son is hoping to attend the Academy also.


How could you possibly construe that as an attack on his son. It was a joke relating to the dildo daughter thread.

edit: just considered maybe you were talking about the op


Impossible. But get a sense of humor. This was post was all in good fun considering some of the troll jobs Headhunter has done on these forums.


You should be proud of him he is becoming America's best.


The best of the best of the best.... SIR!

See MIB I for what that is hilarious.

"...well gentlemen, you achieved everything that could be expected from someone with years of government training. Will you look at this light please?"





Thank you! Do you guys realize that only 8% of applicants are accepted? That's what kind of bowled me over when he got in: He made straight A's, got a 34 on the ACT and a perfect 5 on the Physics AP test, Eagle Scout, football player -- but they get a lot of applicants like that. Then there's the 'legacy' guys, the NCAA athletes, and 20% are women.

Ah well, saved his parents $100,000 and that's always good! :slight_smile:

Edit: wishful thinking!! :wink:


Right now my son is 2/286 after his freshmen year. Bright kid, can follow instruction well, and the Congressman's recommendations is lined up if he keeps up the work.

And seriously, he saved you maybe more than 100,000.00$. But I'm sure you realize that.

And his uncle is Dr. Leo Mackay, ex Top Gun, and GWBs Under Secretary of State for Veteran's Affairs in his first term.

He does the work, he'll make it.


Yut, score one for the good guys.




I was talking with one of the moms from our state. Her daughter was valedictorian, captain of 2 sports teams, in high school. The kids who get into these places are truly great kids!

Absolutely best of luck to your boy (and you!).


Oh, a BIG tip --- Scouting. 70% of USNA mids were in scouting; not necessarily Eagle, which only .5% ever do anyway. USNA loves the Boy Scouts, that and football for the guys. Congressman love nominating scouts because its a big CYA for them.


What's wrong with my picture?


He has not done the scouts and did football this year. He might go with cross country the coming year. He lived with his mom. my local congressman cannot technically nominate him, but if he gets the work done, and looks like a good candidate, he will talk to the guy in his district.

Kind of like you nominate my guy and i will help out your guy.

Thanks for the best wishes, he is a great kid.