Hey guys,
OK, about two weeks ago, I was doing sumo deads with pretty heavy (for me) weight. During one set I could feel pressure building in my head, and after about 3 reps I got a blinding headache on the right side of my head, and my right eye and ear felt like they were about to burst. I had to end the set, even though I had enough strength left for at least 3 more reps.

It took like 5 minutes of walking around breathing very deeply and deliberately to make it go away. Tried another set, but after one rep, here it comes, so I quit altogether for the day.

OK, I figured maybe I wasn’t breathing enough coming up with my deads.

Here’s the thing though… ever since then, any heavy lift I do, and even some not heavy stuff (push ups, for instance) I can feel this pressure building up, and get these head/ear/eye aches.

My blood pressure is always nearly perfect, and I’ve been scanned for aneurysms in the past (and had none)…

I have been suffering from allergies a little bit lately, but could that cause these headaches? Could I have done some serious damage during those deads a couple weeks ago?

Yes, I’m going to mention it to my doctor, but I thought I’d see if anybody here has experienced this.

Thanks guys,

Yes if you clogged up and glands are swollen already the pressure built during these lift could be the pressure that sends you over the edge.

And being honest Of course you can do serious damage during lifting. It happens. Its been two weeks do like you said talk to your doc


Google, “exertion headaches.” I had tweaked a vertebrae and experienced similar symptoms. I found relief from a chiropractor.

I get something similar for about a month every couple of years. Started when I was 18. I freaked out and went to the doctor that day (my headache didn’t go away… it lasted for the rest of the day). He didn’t do much except give me advil.

After about a month or so, they stopped. They’ve come back every couple of years but have not been as intense. Unfortunately I still don’t know the cause although my guess is exertion headaches.

My advice: don’t be like me. Make sure you find out more details from your doctor. Hopefully they will go away in time for you too.

Not to scare you but quite a few years ago when my ego would train before my body would, I was really into lifting poundages.

I used to leg press quite a bit of weight.

I was pressing one day a weight which is ridiculous and I decided to keep going. I got to the 18th rep and something literally went “pop” in my head. Also on the rear right side but nothing to do with my eyes.

Anyway, the pain was so excruciating the weight came crashing down with the two guys who were also sitting on top holding heavy dumbbells each.

The whole gym freaked out as I screamed in agony. Lasted a few hours until it subsided and likewise, anything strenuous or even sleeping at night sometimes and raising my head would hurt.

Turned out to be a very small capillary in my head that burst and luckily it didn’t kill me.

Get it checked by a doctor and take it easy until it heals.