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Hi. I’m very new to the gym… and realise that I’ve been missing out on an entire world of pain and joy!! T-mag has ben a great part of it all. Thanks to T-Man Jon for letting me know about www.testosterone.net :slight_smile:
I’ve noticed something peculiar though. The mornings after I workout, i wake up with a pretty bad headache and nausea. I end up puking most of my breakfast. The headache and nausea fades about four hours after I wake up, then i start to get very hungry and feel fine again…until the morning after my next workout.
I thought it might be because I was too hungry because i make myself sleep a little longer than usual on the days i go gym. So i tried setting my alarm to go after about 5 hours of sleep for a snack then going back to sleep. but I stll experience the same headache and nausea the next day.
This has been happening for the past couple of weeks, after I switched from machines to free weights. I used machines for the first month of training as my friend who enlightened me didn’t want me to be intimidated and we were both busy with exams. I didn’t experience this headaches while i was just using machines. the past couple of weeks i been doing squats-6 sets of ten reps, deadlifts - 3 sets of ten, lat pulldowns and bench press - 5 sets of three.
I really can’t figure out why I’m experiencing headaches and throwing my breakfast up the day after gym… I"m getting at least 8 hours of sleep or more each night and my diet is in order. I’m a 19 year old female 104 pounds 18% bodyfat , if that info helps. Hope some of you out there can help me…thanks in advance :slight_smile:

First things that came to mind (other than the fact that I’m no doctor and maybe you should see one if this problem persists): stress, dietary changes, food allergies, pregnancy (?).

I know of people who get rather ill from the mere thought of eating breakfast, since they have made it a lifelong habit of NOT eating breakfast. And once they start, they get sick initially (like the nauseated feeling you describe) - but after awhile they adjust. Have you made ANY extreme dietary changes during the time of changing your workout routine? Also, the pressure of the bar on the upper back (traps) region when performing squats could be causing you some discomfort (on the back of the neck). Deadlifts could be causing you issues, too. They do take a bit to get useto. Do these headaches ONLY occur after a squat or dead session?

Also, maybe you're not eating enough. This new routine could be adding a whole new level of stress to your body and you haven't added the necessary calories to "keep up". A question, what is your height? Your weight/bf % doesn't help much w/out posting your height.

104lbs. at 18% body fat?? Is it just me or does this seem wrong? Maybe I’m wrong and you’re 4ft?..Your height would make help your question though.

patricia, thanks for anwering.
No I’m not pregnant ( that would be another miracle :slight_smile: )I’ve not made any dietary changes during the time i was changing my routine. previous to the change I did not experiance haedaches or vomting the next morning. The headaches are occuring only after a squat/deadlift session, the next morning. I’m 5 foot 2. thanks again