Headaches on Test/Tbol Cycle

Not sure whats been going on but been getting headaches every day since started my cycle. Currently running 600 test cyp weekly + tbol 40mg daily… its a ramp up next week i change to 600 test cyp & 300 npp… hopefully its just the tbol… done tons of test cycles never had headaches… cant be sure its not stress or hydration tho… any advice would help tho these hurt :grimacing:

I get headaches off tbol if i dont taper the dose up. You must have started at 40mg?


Thats correct… i take 2 in morning 2 pre workout
Great in gym but headaches later are brutal

Tbol gave me migraines. No change in BP, either. Just migraines. I lasted like three days before deciding that I wanted to be free of pain more than I wanted gainz.

Have you measured your BP? I’ve only ran it once and it was magical for me. No side, just nice solid gains.

No haven’t measured bp but it was good day b4 I started cycle. I gave blood day 1
Yes pumps & gym work great on it…only a week of it left…how long till headache stops once I quit taking it ? Any way to offset it besides handfuls of aspirin?

Quick update on the Tbol…Did my measurements after 2 weeks 600 test cyp& 40mg daily Tbol
Looks like my weight stayed same but dropped about 3-4% BF…Strength increase was pretty dramatic and looking more full in mirror… Im confused tho…I was trying to eat 20x my weight in cals for bulking… I wasnt tracking perfectly but obviosly wasnt eating enough or scale would move. Or Tbol is just a really good cutter