Headaches on heavy days

I get a shooting headache right at the base of my skull on days when I squat or do heavy back work. I never had this problem until recently. I’m pretty damn sure I’m breating right, and I always stare at the ceiling. I come home and take a few tylenol and it dies down for a bit, then comes back. I searched the archives and see other people have the same problem, most people say go see a doc, but I figured I’d just ask anyways to see if anybody has any other solutions. Those of you who have seen a doc about this, what did they tell you? I actually have an appointment for other reasons on Wednesday so I’ll ask then. I sure as hell hope it’s not serious because I just dumped about 400 bucks on supplements for a bulking cycle I was going to begin next week. I’m taking this week off from everything to make sure I’m fully recovered, but if he tells me not to squat or deadlift… I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle it. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

I have the some problem occasionally.Here’s what I’ve learned.I’m no doctor,but your problem is most likely due to tight muscles in the neck and traps.This has been the case for me.Try this.1STRETCH the muscles in your neck and traps.It would pay to do some research on how to do this PROPERLY.2.Ibuprophin(nuprin or advil)works best because of its anti inflamitory properties.400MG/8HRS.That will help ease the pain,stretching will help keep it away.This has worked well for me.I can go months without any problems,and it only comes back when I get complacent and don’t stretch.I know how you feel bro,it used to get so bad I couldn’t lift.You can transcend it man! Just be CONSISTENT.Good luck!Oh yeah;stare staight ahead when you squat.Head and spine in nuteral position.Staring at the ceiling may contribute to your problem.Hope that helps

Do a search on “headaches” on the forum search engine. It has been discussed many times before.

This may not be the cause of your headaches, but “staring at the cieling” while squatting is not the safest or most efficient approach. Try keeping your head in a neutral position.

Every powerlifter I have ever known stares upward while squatting. Not at the ceiling, but definatly up. Staring at the ceiling may be a bit high, unless of course the ceiling that you staring at is far away.

Well, thanks guys for the responses… I’m pretty damn sure my form is correct. I really meant I stare upwards… at a point right underneath the ceiling, but actually on the wall. I’ve had alot of people check my form and they say it’s fine. And I did check the search engine before dude… most of the responses are kind of scattered around and they usually say see a doc. I’m doing that, but before I did I just thought I’d ask for a few opinions. But, I’ll try some more stretching… I really should be doing more than I do now anyways. Thanks again.