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Headaches Occipital Neuralgia?

Seriously, begining to think I’m not made to lift! Had a fourth bout with a 3-day headache with major dizziness and I’m being told I’m holding my breath while lifting. Pretty sure I breathe and am very conscious of it. But wondering if anyone has had luck with a chiropractor for these things?

There’s a 15-year-old head injury (base of skull/neck) and when one of these things comes on, I can feel all the veins in my scalp throbbing in addition to the migraine-like head pain. Occipital Neuralgia is another diagnosis I’ve received. I’m not good with pain meds at all, so this isn’t a route for me unfortunately. (internal bleeding easily w/anti-inflamatories)

I think I could cope better with a broken ankle! At least I could walk without feeling the room spinning. What IS this? Anyone with any suggestions or success getting over this shite, I’d be so happy! Beyond frustrated here-