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Headaches From Test Boosters?!

I am currently taking a tribulus product now and heve not ever had any headache problems. But when I go for something more potent like methyl masterdrol, methyl 1p, or something of that nature I always get headaches during the day and need to take tylenol or advil and it sometimes still does not go away. I used to take some kind of testagenex product too and it would do it every now and then. I don’t mind taking a tribulus product but sometimes I want something more potent. Any suggestions?

MM has many sides, including a increased blood pressure and dehydration. Both of those may cause headaches.

Try starting out with a lower dose and work into the full dose. This should alleviate the headaches. Also be careful what other stimulants you take throughout the day, i.e. caffeine, etc., as those might compound your problem.