Headaches From Sustanon 250?

Has anyone ever heard of any side effects like massive head
aches or anything using Sus.? I have a friend as we all do who injected and had massive headaches. could it just be a flook that he just got a headache or do you think it could have been related.Any info great thanks evad

i know some peeps get the flu from the high levels of test, not sure about headaches tho.

i could be wrong about the flu thing completly, its never happened to me or any1 i know but this is what ive read on these forums.

I do some pretty high doses of sus, and i’ve never had a problem with headaches or anything else for that matter. I don’t know ,but, could be an age factor, or some bunk sus. Just a thought.

How is your blood pressure?

What time do you get the headaches???